Jamie Lee Curtis Speculates Chris Evans Leaked His Own Junk To Get People To Vote

Chris Evans’ Knives Out costar Jamie Lee Curtis recently speculated that the former Captain America leaked his own junk in order to get people to vote.

Curtis appeared digitally on The Kelly Clarkson Show, where the American Idol winner, asked about Evans sharing a picture of his junk to his Instagram.

Clarkson stated, “Speaking of tech, sometimes it gets the better of us. Like with your Knives Out costar Chris Evans. What happened here? Do you know what happened with that whole thing?”

She would go on state, “I just was like, was it an accident? And then all of a sudden, I love that he turned it into like, now that I’ve got your attention. That was awesome.”

Curtis then responded, “So my question is this, he’s so smart and such an unbelievably beautiful human being. I’m wondering if it was even planned.”

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Clarkson then replied, “Oh, he’s so clever. I kinda think it was planned just ’cause he was trying to get people to vote, you know?”And he was like, ‘Now that I have your attention.’ 

“I could’ve made some sort of joke and say he took after his movie father, Don Johnson, or I could be also like… ‘Cause I’m really, really close friends with Melanie Griffith. She’s one of my best friends and has been forever and she was married to him twice.”

Captain America Chris Evans

Evans shared a picture of allegedly his own private parts to his Instagram back in the middle of September.

As reported by Slate, “Chris Evans shared a screen recording of him and some companions playing a game to his Instagram Story—good clean fun. But Evans apparently didn’t realize that when the clip of the game ended, his photo roll popped up on screen, and there on his grid was a dick pic, presumably his own.”

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Evans quickly took down the post, but not before it was already captured and shared across the internet.

After it went viral, Evans would take to Twitter to encourage his followers to vote.

He wrote, “Now that I have your attention VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

Curtis initially responded to the tweet writing, “My boy! Proud of him. Got MY attention!”

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If Evans did indeed leak the photo on purpose in order to get people to vote, it appears he inspired the handful of other celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Chris Rock, and Sarah Silverman who stripped down in order to encourage people to vote.

Again, if Curtis and Clarkson’s theory is true, it also shows just how little self-respect that Evans has for himself that he would debase himself in order to try and get people to vote.

What do you make of Curtis’ theory? Do you think Evans intentionally leaked the photo of his own privates in order to get people to vote?

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