The Suicide Squad Star Michael Rooker Teases Savant, Wants A Spinoff Show

Michael Rooker is Savant

We didn’t know until DC FanDome that Guardians of the Galaxy actor Michael Rooker was playing obscure pick Savant in The Suicide Squad.

What he brings to the table is a mystery but Rooker is confident fans will desire to see Savant get an HBO Max series much like Peacemaker is.

Savant in Suicide Squad

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In a phone interview with, Rooker sounded off a little about Savant, his hair, and John Cena. He also made it really clear he wants that spinoff.

“How about that, man? I think everybody should be on the phone to James Gunn,” the actor said, obviously joking, but he continued on anyway.

“Everybody out there listening, get on the phone to James Gunn and say, ‘Michael Rooker wants his own series, dammit! And he wants it now!'” he added with a laugh.

Michael Rooker at Awesome Con 2018

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“It pays to have muscles in this day and age, doesn’t it?” Rooker then said in jest of John Cena, the man under the Peacemaker helmet getting a shot at the small screen soon.

There’s no bad blood. Rooker praise Cena in his phone chat with CBM. “Oh my God, John is way more than just muscles,” Rooker said. “This guy is so much fun, and we had a blast together on set and it all ended up being really fun stuff.”

He couldn’t go very deep into what the “fun stuff” entails but Rooker seemed to have a minor ball explaining what Savant brings to the table.


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“It’s really different, and Savant brings…hair back in style. My hair.” Rooker quipped, and he is enthusiastic about his hair’s star power.

“Dude, my hair as Savant should have its own credit. Absolutely,” he glowed. “Above my credit as the actor. Savant’s hair [Laughs] should be the lead character in this movie.”

Joking aside, Rooker offered some interesting thoughts on what makes Savant and the members of Task Force X villains, or possibly not.

The Suicide Squad cast

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“How do you know Savant or any of these guys are villains?” he asks. “These guys are…they’re tough, okay, but villains I don’t know.”

Rooker seems to promise it’s not the same old Squad under Gunn with the same old story. “Maybe in the past they were villains because it’s Suicide Squad,” he explained. “It’s basically the same idea, but it’s a totally different [setup], man.”

Much has been gleaned about The Suicide Squad from its DC FanDome presentation, including the presence of Starro. Still, the film’s secrets are largely under wraps and it won’t be in theaters for another year.

Michael Rooker has a new release out between now and then. Love and Monsters, co-starring Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner) and Ariana Greenblatt (Avengers: Infinity War), comes to select theaters and home viewing this Friday.

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