Season 3 of Titans has moved into production after a long delay and details of what is coming next year are leaking out. We’ve learned there will be several returns and costume changes.


Emre Kaya at The Vulcan Reporter reported Jason Todd, for one, is coming back and he is donning the helmet of The Red Hood.

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Red Hood and The Outlaws #25

Little is known about why Todd breaks bad without the need of a Lazarus Pit but it’s predicted he is a main threat of the season. It’s also heavily implied he takes a liking to gunplay.

Damaris Lewis is set to return as Kory Anders’ sister Blackfire and she will be built up as the main antagonist in the season’s second half. Blackfire will start out as more powerful than her sister, forcing Starfire to master her powers.

Anna Diop is going to wear a few different outfits throughout the season, drawing from scrapped designs she was meant to have in season 1.

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Dick Grayson reinvents himself and fully embraces Nightwing. He “will be much more lighthearted (and mentally stable).”

Costume modifications are in order too. Nightwing’s suit, Kaya says, is going to be easier to move around in for Brenton Thwaites and the stunt performers doing the acrobatics.

Bruce Wayne may still haunt Dick this season. Iain Glen is guest-starring again as Bruce and might even suit up as Batman although the likelihood is very small.

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Donna Troy, also previously reported at the beginning of the year, is back as well and not just for flashbacks. Kaya reports she is being resurrected, it’s only a matter of when.

Actress Conor Leslie has scenes meant for the last few episodes of the season. She might make it into the middle of the season or a post-credit tease in the finale. Coronavirus could change plans and push her return to season 4, as unlikely as that is.

Beast Boy, Hawk, and Dove are in the season but their roles are reduced. There was no word further on the presence of Barbara Gordon. Casting calls indicated she is around and serving as Chief of Gotham Police.

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Another casting call dug up by The Illuminerdi suggests Tim Drake is being cast this season as well and it’s entirely possible he is in for a race bending.

The breakdown indicates Titans producers are looking for an 18-year-old South or East Asian actor to play a 16/17-year-old Drake who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

According to Kaya, Drake is described as a laidback “near-genius” possessing natural detective skills. He is “motivated by the opportunity to do good in the world instead of the dwelling in the pain and tragedy” and doesn’t let his upbringing cost him “his belief in heroism.”

If Tim Drake is the new season’s breakout star, he may get a spinoff as leader of the Teen Titans – a possibility that might not make it past the rumor mill.

Titans’ production is expected to last from now until June. It has no premiere date yet but will move to HBO Max.

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