Rumor: HBO Max Discussing Red Hood and Other Spinoffs of Titans

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DC Universe Original Titans has officially been renewed for a fourth season exclusively on HBO Max ahead of the premiere of its third season. There’s a lot brewing for the next two seasons and a report suggests more in the offing beyond that.


Emre Kaya writes in a Vulcan Reporter scoop, “HBO Max is interested in developing spin-offs based on Titans.” He adds offshoots have been part of the rumor mill for some time but are now gaining the right kind of traction to reach reality.

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Kaya urges us not to keep our hopes too high; it can’t be positively confirmed any spinoffs are in development yet. But, he suspects a Red Hood show has the potential of happening.

Red Hood - Art by Tyler Kirkham - DC Comics

Jason Todd, at an earlier point than usual, becomes the biker-chic Hood and pushes his old teammates around for the first half of the next season, reportedly. He could have side adventures or carry on in another city under the helmet; possibilities are almost endless.

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Emre previously reported a Teen Titans spinoff is in the works, so that’s on the list. Tim Drake is being introduced in Titans Season 4 and should spawn his own series with a team to boot if he catches on with audiences, or so “the network” hopes. 

Teen Titans #20

Drake as Robin leading the younger heroes – Raven, Beast Boy, Superboy – under their own spotlight is sure to nurture more character development than Gar and Connor have seen so far.

Most likely, a Teen Titans live-actioner maintains the seriousness of Titans and Young Justice and not tend toward something like Teen Titans Go!

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Another option is a sort of anthology that tells the stories of individual Titans between seasons or before and after. Flashbacks typically handle that in the show as it stands.

These pitches, as expected, would be Max Originals. Ahead of new Original Titans Season 3’s premiere on HBO Max, whenever it comes, seasons 1 and 2 are being added to the catalog in November.

Further, Titans’ official Twitter account sent out this tease Saturday indicating a trailer beckons.

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