Season 3 of Titans is in production and the first photo of Curran Walters, who plays Jason Todd/Robin, as The Red Hood has been released.

Curran Walters as Jason Todd

The DC Universe Original turned HBO Max exclusive’s official Twitter posted a photo of Walters in costume as the Hood side by side with concept art of the suit design by “supersuit designer” Laura Jean Shannon.

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Have a look at Shannon’s design and the artwork in full.

Red Hood concept

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The photo of Walters suited up was taken by Titans cinematographer Boris Mojsovski. Walters lives up to his new code name as he wears a literal red hood, something you don’t see very often on The Joker’s former pill-headed maitre d’ get-up.

Red Hood

Shannon has been the costume designer for numerous DC and Marvel productions and the films of Jon Favreau. In addition to Titans, she also works on Stargirl.

Titans Season 3 will explore Jason Todd’s transformation into Red Hood. He won’t have to die, as far as we know, but he is being set up as the first half of the season’s Big Bad according to reports.

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DC Universe Titans

How that works and how far he will go is a mystery. All we can say is Jason had a falling out with the team at the end of last season.

This season promises to be full of surprises. Casting is underway for Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake – who might be reimagined as Asian. Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) is being brought back to life; COVID restrictions may decide how and when that happens in the narrative.

Kory Anders, aka Starfire (Anna Diop), will have to deal with her nefarious and ambitious sister Blackfire in the other villain-building subplot. That threat will be saved for the back half of the season.

Titans Season 3 premieres next year but the show’s debut on HBO Max comes next month when the first two seasons get added to the library starting November 1st.

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