Rumor: Green Lantern On HBO Max To Introduce Female Lead Of Color

Green Lantern on HBO
Source: DC Comics

HBO Max might make some changes to the Green Lantern universe by adding a new character.

Green Lantern-HBO MAX

The Direct reports “new information” suggesting the “series will be introducing a brand new character to the Green Lantern mythos.”

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The site’s sources say the character will be a lead and a black woman. They also said the character’s name is “Bree Jarta,” which might not be her real name.

Hal Jordan in "Green Lantern Corps" - DC Comics

The Direct speculates it’s actually a code name, and it sounds like an anagram to disguise a huge tease.

Bree, if that is her real name, will be like Spock and Peter Quill: half-alien and half-human. Her dad is going to be from Earth and her mom from space.

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Bree grows up on another planet, home to an advanced civilization. It’s added she is committed and takes being a Lantern seriously. A hard worker, she wants to “uphold the values that the Green Lantern Corps stands for.”

This commitment may get challenged by her partner. Direct’s sources claim Bree is assigned to Guy Gardner who has a “vastly different” personality, so the two are expected to have some friction.

Garder can be combative and has an attitude. The show will probably use him as a representation of toxic masculinity.

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Again, Bree is meant to be a whole new character, or so Direct was told. They mention she doesn’t appear to be based on or have anything to do with a character named Sojourner Mullein.

Sojourner Mullein

Sojourner “Jo” Mullein was introduced this year in the 12-issue maxi-series Far Sector. A female Lantern of color, like Bree is supposed to be, and raised in New York to a low-income family, she polices a place called The City Enduring.

Sojourner might be getting saved for down the line as they introduce more Lanterns. The show will focus on the more obscure members of the Corps and it’s suspected more time will be spent in space.

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Green Lantern does not have a set premiere date on HBO Max. It’s in early development and headed up by Seth Grahame-Smith (Lego Batman) and Marc Guggenheim (Arrow).

No character has been cast as of yet either.

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