Photo Reveals Anna Diop’s New Look As Starfire For Titans Season 3


Starfire’s look is changing again in the third season of Titans, currently filming, with Anna Diop going for a new hairstyle.

Anna Diop Starfire

Shown in a new photo taken by Titans director of photography, Boris Mojsovski, is a close-up on Diop. Back is a variation on the curls in season one – seen in almost every production still the actress is in – but gone are the deep purple highlights.

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“All right you crazy people – finally here is a picture of our lovely and talented Anna,” wrote Mojovski in his Instagram post.

Diop is going with her natural hair color or, at least, dying it a darker shade of brown – a further departure from the source material and animated interpretations.


Usually, Kory Anders is a ginger to match her incendiary powers. Viewers have seen allusions to that in Titans and promo material but Diop usually had purple hair to match the costume in the comic and her own outfits.

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The new look could be an instance of tailoring the character to the performer, similar to how Thor was customized to fit Chris Hemsworth more in Thor Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War with a simple haircut.

Thor Chris Hemsworth

Starfire’s hair in conjunction with the black clothing might also be a sign of a new “all business” attitude. She looks more like others of her kind from Tamaran, her sister Blackfire included, who showed up on Earth last season.

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After years of amnesia and being on a path to self-discovery, it was teased Kory has a better idea of who she is and what has to be done. Executive producer Greg Walker teased she comes into her own as a hero and will be a big focus of the upcoming season.

She will also confront Blackfire who becomes the primary villain by the end of it. Season 3 will start with Jason Todd becoming the Red Hood to give the team enough to worry about.

Red Hood concept

For star Curran Walters, Red Hood is the second upgrade behind Anna Diop’s new hairdo. Brenton Thwaites is getting an updated Nightwing suit too, reportedly.

Titans is now streaming on HBO Max, where Season 3 will land.

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