A new casting call alleged to have been issued by the crew of the planned Disney Plus Obi-Wan Kenobi series has revealed that the series is looking to focus on diversity in its casting, with a ‘BIPOC’ female co-lead and a ‘Latinx’ actor among the identities specifically sought to join the cast alongside series lead Ewan McGregor.

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As first reported by The Illuminerdi, the supposed casting call specifically notes that it is looking for “a female BIPOC” (Black and/or Indigenous Person of Color) co-lead, a BIPOC supporting character, a ‘quirky, comedic male’ of no specified identity, and a ‘Latinx’ actor in their forties.

Riley (aka Eve) Female (20-25) CO-LEAD – A female BIPOC whose character details are being kept under wraps

Tia Female (30s) SUPPORTING – BIPOC

Harold Male (Late 20s-30s) SUPPORTING – A quirky, comedic male

Bella Female (40s) SUPPORTING – Latinx

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“Three actresses,” two of which are relatively unknown by American audiences, “have received callbacks for the key co-lead role of Riley” detailed the nerd culture news outlet, who then unveiled their identities as Thuso Mbedu (Is’Thunzi), Anula Navlekar (What the Folks), and Naomi Scott (Aladdin).

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According the newly received information, the series is set to begin production in the U.K. in March of next year, conditions permitted, and has been ordered to a six-episode limited series, which The Illuminerdi believe will “debut on Disney Plus in 2022”.

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Last fans heard on the long-rumored, Jedi-centric series, a rumor from Kessel Run Transmissions indicated that Hayden Christensen would reprise his role as a Clone Armor-clad Anakin Skywalker, as the show will allegedly feature “a heavy, heavy emphasis on Clone Wars flashbacks”.

However, earlier this year, Collider reported that “the Obi-Wan series has been put on hold, as the crew that had assembled at Pinewood Studios was sent home,” and indicated that this was done due to Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy’s dissatisfaction with the scripts produced up to that point.

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Interestingly, the Collider report noted that series had seen its episode order reduced from six to four, a detail which conflicts with The Illuminerdi’s latest news.

Whatever the series order, fans will most likely see the release of more details surrounding the Jedi hermit’s post-Clone War adventures in the coming year.

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