Anna Diop’s Starfire Costume for Titans: Season 3 Revealed in New Photos!

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Titans’ upcoming third season is set to give Anna Diop’s Starfire/Kory Ander a new attitude, a new character-defining arc in Titan’s third season, and, thankfully, a new look to go along with them, according to officially released teaser photos.

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From the photos, it appears that Diop’s new costume, which was fully revealed for the first time this week, is an original but much more comic-accurate suit than its predecessor, while simultaneously featuring call backs to the character’s alien roots.

HBO Max released images of the costume to both their own social media account and the official one for the Titans show itself, though the images garnered widespread attention after they were posted by Diop, and other DC TV actors.

“Koriand’r” wrote Diop in a tweet, followed by three white heart emojis, alongside two new images showing off the Tamaranian princesses’ new garbs.

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The first image is a camera-test photo of Diop wearing her new hairstyle and the actual costume, whose design sports golden accents across purple tights adorned with a strange alien-like ‘vein’ pattern.

Starfire costume-Anna Diop in Titans 2

The second is a concept rendering, which shows the actress powered up, her hair glowing like cosmic flames and her eyes completely green as she floats through the voice of space.

Starfire costume-Anna Diop in Titans

Diop’s new suit, with its intricate patterns and distinct ‘chest’ opening, have drawn comparisons to the character’s original comic book design, as created by legendary artist George Perez.

Aside from a few slight modifications, particularly in how the ‘bare skin’ sections seen in her original appearance have been covered up by a darker set of tights, the standard set by Starfire’s co-creator, as seen in comics and animation, obviously serves as the direct basis for Starfire’s latest look.

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Diop’s reveal follows an earlier tease of Curran Walters in costume as Red Hood, and while not much is known about the upcoming season’s plot, it can be assumed based on what is currently known that it will involve Jason Todd as he breaks bad and presents a violent challenges his former teammates.

Red Hood concept

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It’s been indicated that Koriand’r’s visually parallels her growth as a character, and even as a hero, with Titans executive producer Greg Walker previously confirming to TV Line that the crew is “planning a big season for Kory this year.”

Walker further revealed that Starfire will discover more about her past, master her powers, and will finally find herself on the path to realizing her destiny as Starfire, with her storyline eventually culminating in a battle against her sister, Blackfire, who will follow in the footsteps of Trigon and Deathstroke in serving as the Titans’ season ‘Bad Bad’.

Starfire Season 3

Walker also teased other, unspecified surprises for Starfire, so get ready for a season-long arc featuring her journey and, one would hope, some cosmic action.

Given how production will wrap near the middle of next year, I would personally bet that this means Titans’ third season most likely has a premiere date slated for the fall (if I was to bet), but with the pandemic continuing to put a a halt to everything, even this general assumption remains in doubt.

When it Titans premiere, it will do so as an HBO Max exclusive, with the first two seasons now available to stream through the platform.

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