A new rumor claims that actress Jodie Whittaker’s agent wants her to leave Doctor Who.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Tzvi Lebetkin.

At around the 27:40 mark, Tzvi Lebetkin explains the rumor beginning, “So, I’ve been contacted from a source from Cardiff. I don’t know if this is true.”

Later he would add, “So, I’ve got this guy from Cardiff got in contact with me and said, ‘Here’s what’s really going on.”

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Lebetkin then stated, “Jodie Whittaker’s agent has been screaming at Jodie Whittaker. She’s got to get off the show. She’s got to get off the show because Jodie Whittaker’s agent business is looking at the reality, not the fantasy.”

“And the reality is the ratings have been on a nose dive. It’s been an incredibly successful show, an incredibly successful international juggernaut, which is coming off one of the most successful periods ever. And now it’s now gone to one of its least successful periods ever and she is the public face of that,” Lebetkin added.

He elaborated, “It dipped in popularity under Capaldi for various reasons, I think that’s a much longer conversation. But then it fell off a cliff of popularity with Jodie Whittaker.”

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He would later reiterate the rumor stating, “The rumor is that Jodie Whittaker’s agent is desperate for her to get off the show because this is destroying her career.” 

“So she’s like, ‘Well, why do you think that?’ and the agent apparently showed her all of these tweets from John the White and many other people online saying ‘Look how bad this is going. Look how reviled you are.’ We go look at anything they post it’s always the ratios are absolutely terrible,” Lebetkin continued.

He then reiterated again, “So this is somebody from Cardiff saying that Jodie Whittaker’s agent is apoplectic that she’s got to get off this show, which is destroying her career.”

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Lebetkin would then ask, “Is this true? I don’t know. Is it logical? Yes, it’s certainly logical. The data is not good. The data for this era is not good. And I fear the data is going to get a lot worse.”

And the data is trending downward quite rapidly. The latest Doctor Who season saw the show’s premiere episode “Spyfall: Part One” viewed by 6.89 million people in the United Kingdom.

However, by the series finale, “The Timeless Children,” viewership had dipped to 4.69 million viewers.

That’s the lowest recorded viewership since 1986’s The Trial Of A Time Lord (Mindwarp): Part Six which was viewed by 4.60 million viewer.

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The show faced similar declines in the United States on BBC America. TV Series Finale reported “Spyfall: Part One” was viewed by 790,000 people. 

By The Timeless Children viewership was down to 374,000.

What do you make of this latest rumor? Do you think Whittaker needs to leave Doctor Who in order to save her career?

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