Antonio Sabato Jr. Explains What The Real Goal Of Hollywood Is

Antonio Sabato Jr.

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. recently revealed that the real goal for Hollywood is not profit, but power and control.

Sabato Jr., who has been acting since the 1990s with roles on Melrose Place, The Bold and The Beautiful, General Hospital, and more recently Hilton Head Island, appeared on The Kyle Olson Show to discuss his new film studio, Conflix Studios, and their goal to support God and country.



While discussing his new film studio, the projects they have planned, and their goals, he revealed what Hollywood’s true goals are and noted that it was not about profit or entertainment.

He explained, “They are not there to make money at the end of the day. They are there to own and control. Because at the end of the day, Disney and people that have billions of dollars… I mean look, Sony just bought PureFlix right now. They want to own as much as they can.”

“And it’s not about making money, I don’t think right now anymore. I think it’s about controlling the minds, controlling the future of the entertainment world, owning as much as possible so they can have the content and air it whenever or however they want to,” Sabato Jr. elaborated.

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His comments echo what Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins recently revealed about the true goals of Hollywood.

Speaking with Gizmodo’s io9, Jenkins discussed the decision to release Wonder Woman 1984 into theaters as well as on HBO Max simultaneously.

She stated, “It was one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever made. But it’s interesting to actually sit there and face, like, ‘OK, we’re giving up the money. You’re not making any money with your film.”

Jenkins then revealed the truth about Hollywood, “But the truth is, what’s the point of a film? The point of the film is the message you’re trying to connect to the world with. That’s the most important thing.”

The director then added, “So in that way, when this idea was presented, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is the moment.’ This is the moment where this thing we have can become something to give, and a better thing, and and try to be about hope.”

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Sabato Jr.’s taking a different approach with his new company. When asked who was behind the company, he detailed, “Well, the American people are behind it. We are patriots who want to keep going, support our country, support our law enforcement, support the history of our country, the Constitution, the flag, our soldiers, and so much more.”

He went on to lay out the goals for the company, “The entertainment world has moved away from supporting our country in so many ways and they are very vocal about what they support and I want to keep the entertainment business alive in our department.”

“I want to keep promoting things that make this country great, that have made this country great for such a long time. We want to make motion pictures and TV shows that support our God, support our flag, support so many things that make us patriots. And movies and projects that ultimately the American people are going to be proud of without any bias,” Sabato Jr. said.

He added, “We are here to support our country and I love this place so much.”

Sabato Jr. then detailed that one of the studio’s core philosophies is freedom of speech. He elaborated, “So Conflix Studios is going to be a studio which is going to allow people to be free without being handcuffed and having regulations about what you can speak and what you cannot speak. But ultimately be part of a studio that supports our country.”

The actor would also provide details on the studio’s first project called Trailblazers.

He explained, “We started the studio with my co-producers. We have a project called Trailblazer with a bunch of incredible actors, who have been wanting to be part of this film from the beginning. We wrote an amazing screenplay. I’m going to direct this film. We are raising the money right now and it looks good. We have some really good investors and people who are really willing to invest not only the money, but the time and effort because they believe in our dream, what we are trying to do.”

Later he added, “I created an adventure story, a western, where God is the protagonist of the story, fighting evil in a western setting with guns and fights. And just a great family fighting for what is right. This is a true American family, eight siblings and two parents who are fighting for good versus evil.”

“I’ve written these characters specifically for Scott Baio, I’ve written these characters specifically for Stacey Dash, for Robert Wagner, for Deena Martin, who is Dean Martin’s daughter. I specifically organized this thing  to be something that people have never seen, especially these types of actors to do these kinds of action scenes in a western, where ultimately God is going to fight evil. And this is a trilogy,” he added.

He would go on to reveal what other projects he has in mind , “We want to give good films that ultimately support our country, support our God, support our flag. I have projects, I’ve been talking to a lot of Navy SEALS, retired Navy SEALS that have a lot of great ideas and projects already written about stories that happened to them that I want to make.”

He continued, “I would love to make movies about what happened to our President, what’s been going on right now, the truth about what really happened, and what is going on nowadays.”

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The actor then detailed that his studio will include actors and creatives that Hollywood has blacklisted, “Everyone who has been blacklisted because they have a different point of view than these liberal Hollywood elites, and these people have been tossed on the sideline. These are people like, Lorenzo Lamas use to make a lot of TV shows, Scott Baio used to make a lot of TV shows. Now, they’ve been put on the sideline and they don’t want to be used for anything.”

He added, “Not only the actors, we are trying to put together, a lot of people are trying to run away from Hollywood, because there’s all these regulations about ‘I can’t wear my flag on my hat,’ or ‘I can’t wear my cross,’ ‘I can’t go to work and talk about God,’ and all of these other things.  

“They are sick of it. They want to go to work. They want to be themselves. They want to have the freedom to express their beliefs, if they have to, on a movie set without being put down. So these roles, this project is created for a lot of people who are sick of it. And they want their freedom back,” Sabato Jr. stated.

Later in the podcast, he would reveal that he was blacklisted after he gave a speech at the Republican National Convention in 2016, “When I spoke for the RNC years ago, I was blacklisted in a matter of 24 hours because they have so much power. They can decide if I go to work or not. Projects were taken away from me.”

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Sabato Jr. isn’t the only actor to discuss blacklists and discrimination in Hollywood. Actor Bas Rutten recently claimed that Catholics are discriminated against in Hollywood.

Rutten stated, “I hear from many other actors who are Catholic, yeah there’s…they have people work against them to work in the industry.”

He added, “Which it just blows my mind, simply because that means that well that’s got to be the opposite then on the other side, right? If they really want to stop you just because you are Catholic that’s a scary thing because that means the devil at work.”

What do you make of Sabato Jr.’s comments about the true purpose of Hollywood? Are you interested in seeing what Conflix Studios will produce?

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