A sighting on the set of Titans in Toronto provides a spoiler for what else we can expect in the third season.

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Twitter user @andrewsacademy4 claims to have seen “trucks,” or trailers, at the University of Toronto with names on them and one of them is The Joker.

This suggests The Clown Prince of Crime will make an appearance in the upcoming season still in the middle of production up in the Great White North.

No actor was spotted in Joker make-up as far as we know and there’s been no mention of his casting, bolstering coverage by The Vulcan Reporter. The site believes when Batman’s greatest enemy turns up, it’ll be brief.

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They also point out, with Jason Todd becoming The Red Hood, the inclusion of The Joker is fitting. More than that, “a Red Hood origin story has to include the Joker in some capacity,” although the show is expected to skip over Lazarus Pits and the Death in the Family story.

Joker cameoed in Titans once already in season 1’s finale, “Dick Grayson.” Batman crosses the line and kills the villain after he murders Commissioner Gordon and Dick tries to stop him, only to fail. The whole thing was part of an illusion created by Trigon to break Dick’s will and make him his slave.

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Trigon Art - DC Comics

In the mainline reality of Titans, Joker is still very much alive and a threat. What exact threat he will pose, if any, won’t be determined until filming wraps and the season debuts.

The other names dropped by @andrewsacademy4 –  Dawn, Todd, “Analiese” and “Justin Cole” – are references to Dove (aka Dawn Granger), Jason Todd, a cast liaison behind the scenes, and a psychiatrist character from last season Starfire blindly seduces.

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Curran Walters as Jason Todd

Played by bit player and Hit the Floor star McKinley Freeman, Justin Cole is evidently back next season but for an unknown end.

Beginning life as a DC Universe Original, Titans is now a Max Original. That’s to say its new home is on HBO Max and where season 3 will premiere.

Excited to see Joker in Titans and what he’s up to? Let us know.

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