Rumor: Animated Catwoman Film In Development For HBO Max

There seems to be not end to the DC properties WarnerMedia is interested in adapting for HBO Max, especially those surrounding the Batman, as a new rumor suggests that Catwoman will be next in line to receive a solo project for the fledgling streaming service.

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Beyond The Trailer host and YouTube scooper Grace Randolph has reported that, according to her sources, Catwoman is set to receive an animated cinematic treatment in May of 2021.

In her “SCOOP,” Randolph discloses HBO Max “is getting a new animated #Catwoman movie in 2021” and notes that the film is currently “scheduled for [release] around May”.

Though Randolph closed with “Good to see WB supporting” Zoe Kravitz, who plays the thieving feline and her dual identity, Selina Kyle, in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman, the film scooper also clarified that she did not currently know which version of Catwoman wwould appear in the animated outing.

“All I got from my source is that it’s coming and most likely in May – don’t yet know the voice cast or which version of Catwoman they’re using,” she wrote.

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In other words, this animated Catwoman movie might not tie into The Batman at all, unlike its live-action police-drama sister show on the same network.

It’s currently unknown whether Matt Reeves himself is involved in Catwoman’s production, which unfortunately deprives audiences of one particularly strong indicator that could have been used to indicate the project’s creative direction.


It’s also safe to presume that the film will not reference any past cinematic iteratios of Selina Kyle, which means a return to the role for Michelle Pfeifer and Anne Hathaway can safely be ruled out.

Hopefully, the same treatment will be given to Halle Berry’s 2004 depiction, which was so far removed from the actual comic book character that not only was the film poorly received, but also has since gone down as one of the worst films in cinema history.

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It’s still possible Warner will go for the diversity points as they did with Berry and Kravitz and stick with a Catwoman that is a ‘woman of color’. Ergo, it’s a reasonable possibility that HBO Max’s feature could be based on the race-bent and Sanaa Lathan voiced Selina seen in the Harley Quinn cartoon, or at the very least take some level of inspiration from it.

Harley Quinn Catwoman-Sanaa Lathan

Taking into consideration just how much of a hit Harley Quinn is, the idea that this new film could take inspiration from the adult-oriented animated show is entirely likely, although such a connection would have most likely seen Lathan’s attachment either directly announced or discreetly leaked.

Another possibility is that the upcoming feature will debut the new DC Animated Movie Universe’s new version of Catwoman, as the one introduced in Batman: Hush no longer exists following the timeline reboot seen at the conclusion of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

We shall keep you posted on Catwoman’s new movie in the next few months as it develops. Until there’s more, tell us below if you’re interested in a reboot of the Cat on HBO Max.

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