Mission Impossible and The Shadow actor Alec Baldwin took to Twitter to deride President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Baldwin described supporters of President Donald Trump as “maniacs” and then proceeded to claim that the President was encouraging them to “storm the Congress.”

The actor wrote, “Trump is encouraging thousands of maniacs to storm the Congress and the Dow is up 400 points.”

He would then follow that tweet up writing, “If those protestors were black, we’d have another Harper’s Ferry.”

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Baldwin’s tweet appears to be a reference to John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry back in 1859. 

Brown raided an United States arsenal at Harper’s Ferry in order to spark a slave revolt in the Southern states of the United States and ultimately destroy the institution of slavery. 

His initial raid, which consisted of 22 individuals, was successful and he was able to take control over the arsenal and took a number of hostages including a number of enslaved people. 

However, Brown and his followers would be defeated by a group of U.S. marines led by Colonel Robert E. Lee and Lieutenant J.E.B. Stuart. Lee and Stuart’s men killed ten of Brown’s followers including two of his sons.

Brown, who was wounded, was found guilty of treason and executed in December 1859. History.com describes the raid as “an important impetus of the Civil War.”

While Baldwin is claiming that Trump is encouraging people to take control of Congress, the opposite is actually the case.

President Trump tweeted, “Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!”

In a subsequent tweet the President wrote, “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence!”

He added, “Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!”

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Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also tweeted out that President Donald Trump has called in the National Guard as well as other federal services,

She wrote, “At President Donald Trump’s direction, the National Guard is on the way along with other federal protective services.”

“We reiterate President Trump’s call against violence and to remain peaceful.”

Baldwin is no stranger when it comes to maligning President Donald Trump.

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Back in April 2020, he declared that if you vote for Donald Trump are you are “mentally ill.”

He wrote, “Trump has reached for, and nearly gained, a control of the federal govt unrivaled by other Presidents. He fired huge numbers of govt professionals. He steamrolled the Congress, whenever possible. And now this.”

Baldwin then added, “If you vote for Trump again, you are mentally ill.”

The actor then followed that up by calling African Americans who vote for Donald Trump “mentally ill.”

He wrote, “This is the White House press secretary. If you are African American and vote for Trump, you are mentally ill.”

Baldwin has also declared that President Trump does not have a soul.

He wrote, “People write directly to Trump here on Twitter with the assumption that Trump has an ear, let alone a soul, to turn in their direction. Trump has no ear. He has no soul.”

“He is, as I’ve written before, the objective negative function. Like fire or a tornado, he only destroys.”

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The actor previously described supporters of Donald Trump as racists back in August 2019.

He wrote, “For all you Trump supporters who have swallowed the poison pills of racist hatred, election fraud, a revolving door of semi-competent or outright awful appointees, the wholesale degradation of women…if the economy tanks, whatcha gonna do? $ is all u care about. So…?”

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Baldwin has also previously called for  an “overthrow” of the government.

Back in October 2018, Baldwin spoke at the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s annual fall fundraising dinner.

In a speech at the dinner he stated, “The way we implement change in America is through elections. We change governments here at home in an orderly and formal way. In that orderly and formal way and lawful way, we need to overthrow the government of the United States under Donald Trump.”

He continued, “There is a small cadre of people currently in power who are hell-bent on continuing a malicious immigration policy that has set this country up for human rights violations charges by the global community.”

“This cadre has looted money from the federal treasury and deposited it directly into the bank accounts of their most ardent political supporters. So that they and several generations of their descendants will have the resources to maintain the GOP and political power for as long as possible,” the actor went on.

He would later add, “They view and treat women as human beings that are not entitled to the same Constitutional protections that men are. They themselves are sons, husbands, fathers, and yet when the time arrived in the thick of the #metoo movement to set politics aside and establish that women’s rights were more important than political expediency, they failed and it was ugly.”

What do you make of Baldwin’s recent comments?