James Gunn Promises “Cool Stuff” Coming Related To The Suicide Squad

Fans eager for more of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad can rest easy, as the director recently assured fans that some “cool stuff” related to the film, including a trailer, are on the way.

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Hard as it may be to believe, Godzilla vs. Kong is not the only upcoming Warner Bros. film that has yet to receive a trailer, as The Suicide Squad’s DC fandome trailer was little more than a brief character roll call.

This lack of content was addressed by Gunn in a series of recent Twitter posts, where in response to a fan asking if there were any updates on the film worth sharing, Gunn stated that he was “a hair’s breadth from being completely finished” with The Suicide Squad.

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He added in a follow-up to another question about when the trailer is coming that it, or at least a teaser, is coming soon along with a bunch of other unspecified but “cool stuff.”

When asked by a fan for information regarding an eventual trailer release, Gunn added that “the trailer”, “the teaser”, “or more news” would “all be with you in due time.

“I’m working on cool stuff for you,” he assured fans. “But please be patient!”

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Though Gunn is currently keeping the film’s “baddie” under wraps, leaked set photos and a rumored test screening seemingly revealed that the team of DC villains and antiheroes will be going up against the classic Justice League villain, Starro the Conqueror.

Squad and Starro Victim

As seen in the above set photo, a creature that appears to be a Starro spore can be seen wrapped around a potential victim’s face, in-between Ratcatcher’s (Daniela Melchior) thigh and hand.

Starro Victim 1

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While Gunn did not provide a specific release date or window for a potential trailer, given its blockbuster status, it has a good chance of premiering at The Super Bowl alongside the trailer for its fellow Warner Bros. release, Godzilla vs. Kong, though the latter may have its trailer moved up considering its newly announced March release date.

If not, Warner Bros. may hold off on any trailer or teaser for The Suicide Squad until San Diego Comic-Con in July, regardless of whether it returns to being an in-person event or is once again virtual, especially in light of the film’s August 2021 release date to theaters and HBO Max.

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Gunn is also busy with the film’s spinoff television series Peacemaker, which will see both the director and star John Cena reprising their roles and will occupy their respective schedules for quite a while.

The series, which is currently in production in Vancouver, will is set to bring Gunn’s signature R-rated. off-the-wall humor to HBO Max. An official date has not yet been given.

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