There has not been much in the way of updates on JJ Abrams’ spin on Justice League Dark for HBO Max but we can remain “assured” of the project’s development in some form.

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According to TVLine, Warner Bros. is still committed to the project. “Allison” submitted a question about the show or franchise’s potential relating to Swamp Thing, whose latest iteration was picked up by The CW to reshow the first season that originally aired on the new defunct DC Universe service.

“Is Justice League Dark still happening on HBO Max?” asked Allison. “Because if Swamp Thing is not happening on The CW, that show might have the character.”

Writer Matt Webb Mitovich answered, “Yes, I am assured that JLD is still in development at the streamer.” Mitovich avoided the topic of Swamp Thing, having addressed the show’s status – and dashing a few hopes – in a prior Q&A.

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But, there you have it. Any delay behind the scenes is likely due to the pandemic or another unidentified concern, but it’s still happening.

Screen Rant noted Justice League Dark hasn’t been ordered to series like Green Lantern or Peacemaker, but Warner did ink that deal with Abrams and Bad Robot, so there is a level of commitment here.

And Justice League Dark is a massive undertaking with rumored spinoffs for several characters, including Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman, in the works – though a full line-up has yet to be announced. Detective Chimp and Man-Bat may join the festivities too.

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A live-action Justice League Dark adaptation reaching the screen has come close to materializing a few times between the Guillermo Del Toro-helmed feature that was eventually put under the guiding hand of Doug Liman until it was scrapped altogether.

Swamp Thing put a few of the players in place with Alec Holland, Blue Devil, and Phantom Stranger. It never got there but EP Gary Dauberman confirmed Swamp Thing Season 2 would’ve laid further groundwork for the formation of the team.

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Obviously, Warner can’t allow that since, as former HBO Max content chief Kevin Reilly said, Justice League Dark is meant to be Abrams’ playground exclusively going forward.

2021 was slated as the landing zone for something coming from Bad Robot’s Justice League Dark but that looks less likely now.