DC, in a move sure to divide fandom, as if it hasn’t already, is changing the name of Black Adam to awkwardly suit the traditional acronyms of Captain Marvel.

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As noted by Bleeding Cool, Black Adam’s name will become “Shazadam” as of Justice League #59 and that’s no joke. 

The issue is an entry in DC’s Infinite Frontier saga which will see Adam – whatever you want to call him – become the new leader of the League.

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It’s written by Brian Michael Bendis – the same guy who brought the villain from Superman IV, Nuclear Man played by Mark Pillow, into mainline Superman books – and the name Shazadam is his idea.

Former DC artist Ethan Van Sciver discussed this development on a recent live stream, describing it sarcastically as another of Bendis’ “poisonously” quirky ideas affixed to the publisher’s history of cringe.

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“Here’s the problem,” said Van Sciver, addressing the issue of what SHAZAM stands for, “What does ‘SHAZADAM’ stand for? Now they gotta come with the ‘D’. What does the ‘D’ stand for? Devil? And then another ‘A’.”

He added in jest “we all should change our name to ‘Shaz’-something.” 

Ancient Egyptian Teth-Adam took the name Black Adam in 1945 when he was introduced by Captain Marvel creators Otto Binder and CC Beck. 

Black Adam - Fawcett Comics

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He’s been known by that name ever since and it’s what Warner Bros. is calling his upcoming DCEU movie that still has yet to enter full-fledged production.

Therefore, it’s strange the comics division is allowing this editorial decision. If it lasts, let alone affects the film starring Dwayne Johnson, remains to be seen.

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Black Adam’s leadership of the Justice League is also noteworthy though it’s hardly as strange conceptually, considering he has already led the Justice Society.

Focusing on the Justice League Bendis is writing, Van Sciver pointed out the group has nine individuals and four of them are women.

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That makes this team split evenly along gender lines when “it used to be mostly guys and one or two chicks,” said Van Sciver, but adding, “It’s important now to evenly distribute even though most of these characters aren’t in the Justice League.”

Bendis has cryptically reacted on Twitter to the reports of Black Adam’s new name. In a subtweet that seems directed at BC, he implies the story is a rumor as well as “stupid.”

IGN and CBR both reported the change to Shazadam is not happening, but BC fired back with panels from the issue of JL. Screengrabs were taken and posted on social media and they clearly show innocent bystanders referring to Black Adam by his new moniker.

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BC also points out neither Bendis nor DC has come forward to say the story is outright false.

How does Black Adam’s new name register with you? Be sure to tell us too what you think of him leading the Justice League.