Attack on Titan fans have been taken aback by the recent discovery that a now-discontinued Malaysian comic magazine once censored the popular manga’s signature Titans by dressing them up in pants and bodysuits.

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The censorship was first brought to widespread attention by Twitter user @WallyyTheGreat, who tweeted, “The Attack on Titan manga in Malaysia is very different…..There the titans wear a pair of underwears because of the censorship laws there.”

He also shared a picture of a Malaysian magazine showing both Eren in his Titan form and The War Hammer Titan clad in pants during their battle in the eponymous 101st chapter of the manga, “The War Hammer Titan.”

Here’s a better look.

Female Titans saw even further censorship, as in another example provided by @WallyTheGreat, Annie’s Female Titan form can be seen wearing a full body suit during her brutal kicking of Eren in Chapter 33, “The Wall.”

Take a better look.

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Further examples of Malaysia’s pants-based censorship of Attack on Titan were provided by Reddit user /u/TheUltraGuy101, including the appearance of the Colossal Titan in Chapter 104, “Victors.”

Reiner’s incomplete transformation in the same chapter:

And the appearance of the Nine Titans from Chapter 122, “From You, 2,000 Years Ago.”

As later explained by /u/TheUltraGuy101 and others, these censored chapters were originally published in the Malaysian magazine Kreko, which ceased publication in November 2019.

These edits were likely done to adhere to Malaysia’s strict censorship laws, which, according to the Communications and Multimedia Content Forum of Malaysia (CMCF), prohibit nudity from being shown “under any circumstances, unless approved by the Film Censorship Board.

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