A brand new rumor claims that The Mandalorian will introduce a villainous Sith Lord first seen in the Expanded Universe.

This new rumor comes from YouTuber Doomcock, where he reveals the Sith Lord Darth Talon, who first appeared in Star Wars Legacy, will show up in The Mandalorian.

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Doomcock explains, “My network of spies was hearing something about a red and black Twi’lek female being introduced into The Mandalorian.”

He elaborated, “One of our key sources had heard that a new Sith was about to be introduced in the third season in The Mandalorian or another show in the Favreau-verse. But this source had assumed it would Asajj Ventress.”

However, he would later state, “This new Sith Lord is going to be Darth Talon. She is going to be the next major villain in the Favreau-verse. This info floored my source, and even more, it was confirmed to my source that the return of Darth Talon is going to be a tip of the hat to EU fans.”

He continued, “And while it’s not confirmed that they will keep her name as Talon, the role has already been cast.” Doomcock did not provide any information on who was cast in the part.

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The YouTuber would later claim that he was unsure which show Darth Talon might show up in. He stated, “Now, it’s not entirely clear which show she will appear on. It could be The Mandalorian or it could be on one of the new Disney+ series created by Favreau and Filoni. But she is allegedly slated to make her first appearance next year.”

As for how she will be portrayed, Doomcock detailed information he received from his source, “Darth Talon, according to this source, will be a complete badass, mowing through whoever or whatever is her in way. A fully trained Sith with full command of the Dark Side.”

Darth Talon first appeared in Star Wars Legacy #2 although she graced the cover to the first issue alongside Darth Krayt and Darth Nihl.

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In the second issue she would make a memorable appearance as Darth Krayt orders her to kill the only teacher she has ever known in Darth Ruyn. She does not hesitate and strikes him down with her lightsaber.

From there, Krayt makes Talon a full Sith naming her Darth Talon and appointing her as his own personal assassin.

For her first mission, Talon is tasked with assassinating the Emperor Roan Fel, but in order to do so she must draw the Emperor out of hiding. To do this she is tasked with hunting down the Emperor’s daughter Princess Marasiah Fel, who has sought refuge on the planet Socorro.

While on Soccorro, Talon faces off against the Imperial Knight Elke Vetter and viciously tortures her to gain information on Marasiah Fel.

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Darth Talon was also tasked by Krayt to capture the Jedi fugitive Cade Skywalker and train him in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. She would eventually take him under her wing and train him until he renounced the One Sith.

Not only would Cade Skywalker renounced the One Sith, he would leave Darth Talon with a parting gift as he impaled her on his lightsaber.

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Aside from this latest rumor, Darth Talon was making headlines back in November 2020 when an excerpt from a new interview with George Lucas was revealed discussing the Star Wars creator’s plans for his sequel trilogy.

In Paul Duncan’s Star Wars Archives: Eps I-III 1999-2005 Lucas revealed, “Darth Maul trained a girl, Darth Talon, who was in the comic book as his apprentice. She was the new Darth Vader, and most of the action was with her. So these were the two main villains of the trilogy. Maul eventually becomes the godfather of crime in the universe because, as the Empire falls, he takes over.”

Lucas went on to say, “The movies are about how Leia – I mean, who else is going to be the leader? – is trying to build the Republic. They still have the apparatus of the Republic but they have to get it under control from the gangsters. That was the main story.”

He then detailed, “It starts out a few years after Return of the Jedi and we establish pretty quickly that there’s this underworld, there are these offshoot stormtroopers who started their own planets, and that Luke is trying to restart the Jedi. He puts the word out, so out of 100,000 Jedi, maybe 50 or 100 are left.”

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The Jedi have to grow again from scratch, so Luke has to find two- and three-year-olds, and train them. It’ll be 20 years before you have a new generation of Jedi,” Lucas explained.

Finally, he concluded, “By the end of the trilogy Luke would have rebuilt much of the Jedi, and we would have the renewal of the New Republic, with Leia, Senator Organa, becoming the Supreme Chancellor in charge of everything. So she ended up being the Chosen One.”

You can see the excerpt below.

What do you make of the idea that Darth Talon might show up in The Mandalorian? If this rumor is true, do you think the character will be faithful to Star Wars Legacy? Who do you think could play Darth Talon?

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