Rumor: HBO Max and The CW Discussing Live-Action Batman Beyond Series Starring Michael Keaton

Following their teaming-up for the production of Superman & Lois, a new rumor claims that HBO Max and The CW could continue their partnership with the live-action resurrection of a particularly popular Batman property.

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An inside source close to tipster Joe Bateman has relayed to him that, as part of the joint venture between the two television outlets, Warner Bros. may develop Batman Beyond into a live-action show, as WB is allegedly aiming to take advantage of the reintroduction of Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash in order to kickstart a live-action franchise based on Batman Beyond.

Batman Beyond-Michael Keaton

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This proposed franchise would not only feature a show based on Terry McGinnis’ career as the futuristic Caped Crusader, but also a spin-off for The CW based on the relatively forgotten series The Zeta Project, itself a spin-off of the original Batman Beyond cartoon.

“With the introduction of the multiverse in the DC cinematic universe, WB is hoping for big profits when it comes to connecting all of their movies and tv shows,” Bateman wrote.

While such a franchise plan may sound like the blueprint for a Kids WB! Saturday morning line-up, fans can surely bank on any such adaptation being darker and more mature.


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Earlier this month, Deadline broke the news of The CW and HBO Max’s burgeoning partnership, noting that “the two companies also are discussing co-financing original summer CW series to premiere on the streamer with a next-day airing on the broadcast network.”

Such a partnership would not be new for DC’s television properties, as the first season of Stargirl followed a similar release schedule, with episodes first premiering on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service before airing on The CW the next day.

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Network Chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz told Deadline that The CW joining forces with other WarnerMedia channels and platforms is one of the few blessing that has resulted from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“That has been one of the blessings of [the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic], that we are all looking at the platforms together to see the value of each other, the value that we bring and the value they bring to us in terms of helping each other,” he said.

Pedowitz also added that the network has “a really good dialog” between it and other WarnerMedia broadcast entities, as well as those owned by their other partner in the equation, ViacomCBS. Such a positive intrastudio support could mean that streaming platforms and broadcast channels could see additional collaborations in the future.

Godzilla vs Kong-The Suicide Squad-and Dune to HBO Max

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While Batwoman is currently the only CW original and Arrowverse-related program currently hosted by HBO Max, the rest of the show’s featured in DC’s shared television multiverse, including The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, are set to move over to the streaming service folloiwng the expiration of their licensing contracts with Netflix.

On a related note, HBO Max and Netflix also each boast growing libraries of Godzilla and MonsterVerse content, some of which were co-produced by Warner.

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