Genshin Impact developer miHoYo recently announced they will be making changes to the time-limited resource Condensed Resin.

If you are unfamiliar with Condensed Resin it’s obtainable through crafting in the game using 40 Original Resin and one Crystal Core.

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The Original Resin is “used to vitalize Petrified Trees and Ley Line Blossoms, allowing access to the treasures they hold.” It regens one every eight minutes and players can have a maximum of 160 Original Resin.

The Petrified Trees are found within domains and allow players to obtain a number of awards including talent level up materials, weapons level up materials, as well as artifacts that enhance and power up your character.

Ley Line Blossoms award experience items that allow you to level up your characters as well as the in-game currency mora that lets your perform a variety of actions such as leveling up your characters with the experience items, leveling up your weapons, strengthening your artifacts, and more.

In order to go beyond the maximum amount of Original Resin you can have, players can forge 40 Original Resin and one Crystal Core into one Condensed Resin. However, you can only have three Condensed Resins at a time.

If you use a Condensed Resin on a Petrified Tree or Ley Line Blossom you will “receive greater rewards” compared to if you just use Original Resin.

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Outside of quests and opening chests, using Original and Condensed Resin is how you increase your Adventure Level and allowing you to level up your characters to their maximum potential. 

This system will be getting tweaked beginning in version 1.4.

miHoYo recently revealed in their Developer’s Discussion that “in Version 1.4, the maximum amount of Condensed Resin that you can have at once will be increased.”

They added, “We will discuss this in detail during the Version 1.4 Sneak Peek Livestream.”

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Not only will they be increasing the amount of Condensed Resin that you can carry, but they also note that they will be improving notifications regarding resin when you enter a domain.

miHoYo explains, “Resin notifications have been improved in Version 1.4. If you have Condensed Resin in your inventory when entering a Domain, you will no longer receive a notification about having insufficient Resin.”

The Version 1.4 Sneak Peek Livestream will be taking place on March 6th.

What do you make of the change to Condensed Resin?