Following the November announcement that My Hero Academia would receive a third theatrical adventure following the rousing successes of the series’ first two films, Two Heroes and Heroes Rising, the popular anime series has officially released the first preview trailer for U.A. High School Class 1-A’s return to the silver screen.

Source: My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Preview Trailer (2021), Bones Inc.

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Released on March 27th following the Japanese premiere of My Hero Academia’s fifth season, the premiere preview has revealed that not only will the film feature a new set of costumes for the principal cast, but that the film’s story will apparently involve Izuku Midoriya being framed for mass murder.

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Though the preview divulged little else about the film’s overall plot, it did end with the announcement that My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission would release in Japanese theaters on August 6th, 2021.

As with Two Heroes and Heroes Rising, the cast of the anime series, as well as production studio Studio Bones, are set to reprise their respective roles for World Heroes Mission.

Screenshot, My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Preview Trailer (2021), Bones Inc.

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My Hero Academia’s fifth season is currently airing on Japanese television, with a simulcast being done by Funimation and distributed through both their own streaming service and Crunchyroll.

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