Godzilla Vs. Kong Writer Reveals Film Almost Had A Post-Credit Scene

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Aside from fleshed-out characters and a fair fight, the only thing missing from Godzilla vs. Kong was the thing we’ve come to expect ever since Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe spoiled us back in 2008 – a post-credits stinger.

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), HBO Max

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Explaining the film’s lack of a stinger to CinemaBlend, GVK co-writer Max Borenstein revealed that, interestingly, the writers’ room was kicking around an unspecified idea for the film’s final few minutes.

“There was one at some point that everyone had been kind of toying around with…” he said, while also clarifying, “I think it makes sense [one wasn’t included].”

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), HBO Max

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GVK is the closing page of a chapter in the MonsterVerse elaborated Borenstein, and while more could come from it, apparently they didn’t want to promise too much if they weren’t going to deliver.

“This is kind of the culmination of a particular chapter, and whatever may or may not come after it, it’s cool that this feels wrapped up,” he said. “We certainly toyed around with something.”

Source: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), HBO Max

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The real story here is that there was a post-credits scene on the table, which partially confirms the rumors of such that have been floating around since well before GVK’s release. However, whether anything was filmed for it, or what it could have entailed, remain a mystery.

Based on what we’ve heard and shared, two likely scenarios were a either tease for the kaiju killer Destoroyah appearing in the next film, Toho Pictures, Inc. or Monarch finding Godzilla Junior frozen in hibernation within an iceberg.

Source: Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995), Toho Pictures Inc.

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The best guess, though, is the third possibility concerning aliens. Minor spoiler if you haven’t seen it already, but Godzilla vs. Kong makes a few references to a Monarch facility located in Roswell, New Mexico, the town famous for the supposed UFO crash of 1947.

Roswell’s place in UFO history is undeniable and the existence of aliens is well-established in Godzilla lore. Even in the MonsterVerse, King Ghidorah’s astro origins are canonical, which leaves the door open for the Xiliens and possibly the Futurians to appear down the line.

Source: Godzilla: The Planet Eater (2018), Netflix

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Should the next installment in the franchise be a free reimagining of Destroy All Monsters or Final Wars, you can be sure the Xiliens will come knocking.

But what do you think? Are you hoping for wacky space travelers making their presence felt in the MonsterVerse? Tell us your thoughts below.

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