Actress Samaire Armstrong, known for her roles as Anna Stern on The O.C., Emily in Entourage, and Elaine Richards in Resurrection tore apart modern Hollywood in a recent interview.

Armstrong sat down with PragerU as part of their Stories of Us segment where she described how modern Hollywood is racist.

Armstrong begins the interview detailing her childhood growing up in Japan before she switches to discussing her move to Hollywood and landing the role of Anna on The O.C.

From there she talks about Hollywood actively discriminates against white people.

She stated, “Over the last six years I’ve heard nonstop, ‘They’re not looking for white. It’s going to diverse. They liked you, but you’re white.’ And, you know, I kept that to myself in silence ’cause on the one hand it’s like, ‘Hooray! Like great. Diversity is finally here. Oscars were so white for decades.’ But the pendulum has swung so far.”

Source: PragerU YouTube

She then described how Hollywood isn’t about telling stories anymore and is more about pushing identity politics.

“I think nowadays it’s different for the sake of being different because it’s politically correct. We are going to fit this transgender character in here now that we are PC,” she said.

Armstrong continued, “Natural, organic stories stopped being told and you had to make a checklist of what was, was acceptable. All the nuances of art disappeared.”

She then questioned, “And shouldn’t it be about talent? Shouldn’t it be about merit or capability or effective storytelling or emotional presence? You’ve got to wonder, what’s the point of acting school and putting this time into developing the craft if that doesn’t matter anymore?”

Source: PragerU YouTube

Armstrong next discussed Hollywood culture of fear and silence.

She explained, “We aren’t able to be authentic. We are not allowed to question anything or converse about things. We are literally forced to be silenced. If you don’t emulate what they expect you to, you are a racist, a bigot. You have privilege so you’ll never understand.”

“We are talking about this authoritarian dictatorship of how things should operate and we are existing within that within Hollywood. It’s like, ‘These quotas need to be met and that’s a story. That’s acceptable. We can’t be cancelled,'” she continued.

Armstrong added, “But the reality is like, you are cutting people off left and right. And there is no actual life and natural creation in this story at all. What are we feeding our society when we are creating narratives like this?”

“But there’s this expectation that you are supposed to show up to these places and get in sync and in line with these people and this left agenda or you are the enemy,” she said.

Source: PragerU YouTube

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Later in the interview, Armstrong would discuss her viral Instagram video where she declared she would be voting for Donald Trump and that Black Lives Matter was a “domestic terror organization.”

She detailed she actually received quite a bit of positive messages from Hollywood agents, “Interestingly, my inbox was filled from messages of agents thanking me for speaking out and that they could never do that and that they wished they could.”

She added, “I think that we don’t have to agree politically, but I believe truly that we should all be able to agree upon coexisting whether you’re on the left, whether you are on the right and not to have to feat not having a job because of a difference in political beliefs.”

Source: PragerU YouTube

Armstrong would go on to discuss listening to conscience rather than outside forces, “I think the most important thing is there is a voice within us that helps us navigate right from wrong. And right now we are being forced to listen to voices outside of us. So what your manager says or what your agent says or what your fears says about if you were to speak out what would happen.”

But inside you know what is right and true. And it’s not because a bunch of people agreed upon it being right or true. And I think more than anything that’s the voice we have to start listening to. And allowing to come out of you,” she continued.”

Source: PragerU YouTube

She then detailed that there are a number of conservatives in Hollywood, “You probably feel like you are the only one, you probably feel like you are in isolation. I felt that way for years. I thought I was the only conservative in Hollywood. And having spoken out, I’ve got this amazing group of people around me now who share my values and beliefs and think the same way. And I am not alone. I’m not alone in the slightest.”

She concluded, “My advice to those in Hollywood who are silent now. We have to break the silence before it’s too late.”

Source: PragerU YouTube

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Armstrong’s comments follow those of fellow actor Siaka Massaquoi, who also accused Hollywood of racism.

Massaquoi explained, “Hollywood is probably the most racist place that I’ve ever experienced. Early agents that I would have was, ‘Oh you ever think about being a bad guy? You should hip hop it up more.”

He would also state, “I don’t think it’s funny that you say, ‘I don’t like to hang out with white people and laugh.’ I don’t think that’s funny. That’s terrible. It’s okay you don’t hire that guy because he’s a tall white guy. It’s okay that you do hire that guy because he’s a black guy. That is racist. Plain and simple. That is racist.”

What do you make of Armstrong’s statements about Hollywood and her message to those in Hollywood who are silent about the discrimination, identity politics, and critical race theory taking over the industry?

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