Tim Pool Calls On Disney Employees To File EEOC Complaints Against The Company For Their Anti-Racist Racist Training

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YouTuber Tim Pool called on Disney employees to file EEOC complaints against The Walt Disney Company for their anti-racist racist training.

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Pool’s call comes amid The Walt Disney Company reporting over $600 million less revenue compared to the previous quarter. It also comes amid a report that Disney shut down their critical race theory training program for employees.

That training program was exposed by journalist Christopher Rufo, who also reported they shut it down 24 hours after they claimed his reporting distorted what the purpose of the training was.

Rufo reported on Twitter, “Disney went from this making this preposterous defense statement to nuking their critical race theory program in less than 24 hours.”

He added, “Corporate DEI is a scam—it’s used to launder corporate reputations and divide Americans into competing racial categories. Shut it down.”

Source: Christopher Rufo Twitter

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The training program specifically claimed that the United States has “a long history of systemic racism and transphobia.” 

It also stated, “If you’re going to talk about race, identify everyone’s race, including those who are White. By identifying someone as Black or Latinx, but not categorizing someone else as White, you’re that White is the norm by which all other races are measured.”

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Pool reacted to the training documents and their subsequent removal saying, “If you work for Disney do not be afraid, you have no reason to publicly speak out about your experiences. You need only go to the EEOC, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and file a complaint about racial discrimination.”

He adds, “And if you all went and did it, this would be over in two seconds.”

Pool continues, “You cannot make someone attend a training where you chastise their race or say things about race, discriminate on the basis of race.”

However, he adds, “Now, of course, you may encounter people at the EEOC, who are also woke, and that is the expansion of the cult into the government.”

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Nevertheless he adds, “All I can say is, if it were me and I was in one of these trainings. As most of you know, I coming from a mixed race family would take objection from literally anything they said.”

He went on to provide an example, “If there is a race training meeting and they say, ‘We are going to be talking about white privilege,’ I would say, ‘Excuse me. Are we actually going to be talking about ending racism by centering the whole discussion about white people?”

He continued, “Did you bring me in here so you can talk about how your culture does this, that, or otherwise? How about we have positive discussions about other cultures and other races? And we don’t let you push your white supremacy on us.”

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Later he adds, “If they start talking about white privilege, they have just created a conservation, a meeting, where they have brought everyone in to learn about whiteness. By their own logic, that’s basically a Klan rally. So, you should just object and say, ‘I do not want to hear about white people. That is racist. We shouldn’t be forced to listen to you talk about white people. Why don’t you talk about black and brown people?'”

Pool would also state, “I think no matter what they say you will always find a way to cancel them. It’s exactly what they do on Twitter…No matter what is said, there’s always something offensive. That’s what you need to consider. ”

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What do you make of Pool calling on Disney employees to file EEOC complaints against the company for their critical race theory anti-racist racist training?

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