The Official Star Trek Twitter Claims They Will Remove “Hate Speech,” Employs Wil Wheaton And Marina Sirtis

Source: Star Trek: The Mirror War #1

The Official Star Trek Twitter account recently posted that they would remove hate speech.

They posted to Twitter, “The Star Trek Universe is a safe community for all.”

They then included an image that reads, “Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations.”

It then reiterates, “The Star Trek Universe is a safe community for all.”

From there it states, “We welcome passionate and thoughtful conversations about the Star Trek Universe. We will not tolerate and will remove any racist, misogynistic, transphobic, ableist, and homophobic comments or hate speech.”

Source: Star Trek Twitter

Whatever you make of the post, it appears that ViacomCBS, the company behind Star Trek does not actually believe in their own message given they employ Wil Wheaton as well as Marina Sirtis.

Wheaton, who first appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation, recently hosted The Ready Room, a YouTube show on the then CBS All Access YouTube channel recapping episodes of Star Trek: Picard.

Source: Paramount Plus YouTube

Related: Star Trek Actor Wil Wheaton Implies White People Are “Domestic Terrorist Insurgents,” Declares He Does Not Want The United States Unified

Wheaton clearly expressed his hatred when he declared white people are “domestic terrorist insurgents” and that he does not want a unified United States just a few short months ago in January.

He posted to Facebook, “Make no mistake: these domestic terrorist insurgents were allowed to storm and occupy the Capitol. There is extensive video of police stepping aside to let them pass, I’ve seen video of a cop taking a selfie with a rioter, inside the building.”

He continued, “Compare today’s behavior by law enforcement and The State to their behavior in summer during peaceful civil rights protests (separate from the violence), and it is undeniable that today’s violence and chaos was permitted and encouraged BY CHOICE.”

“This was a decision. This was allowed and encouraged to happen and the people who allowed and encouraged it must be held accountable,” he wrote.

“The politicians who poured gasoline on the kindling they put out before they gave matches to their Brownshirts must all be expelled from the Congress,” he added.

Finally, he concluded, “There must be consequences for the people who allowed this to happen, I know there won’t be, because White People, but there *should* be.”

Source: Wil Wheaton Facebook

He followed that up writing, “I am, always have been, and always will be, proudly anti-Fascist. I will not ‘unify’ or ‘come together’ or ‘seek common ground’ with Fascists, and neither should you.”

Source: Wil Wheaton Facebook

At the end of April, Wheaton also revealed his hatred when he posted to Facebook wearing a shirt that reads, “Destroy the patriarchy.”

He made it clear what his shirt says noting in the post, “And because it’s a FAQ on Instagram: my T-shirt says ‘Destroy the patriarchy!’ I bought if rom Pussy Riot.”

Source: Wil Wheaton Facebook

Wheaton has also called millions of Americans “fascists.” In early April, he posted, “Shitler wants his MAGA Chuds to boycott MLB and I’m like ‘OKAY DO MLS AND NHL NEXT!”

Source: Wil Wheaton Facebook

In a comment on this post, he wrote, “Like, honestly, boycott everything. Just stay home and cower in fear until you pass out, you f***ing Fascists.”

Source: Wil Wheaton Facebook

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Not only does ViacomCBS employ Wheaton, but they also employ Marina Sirtis, who reprised her role as Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation on Star Trek: Picard.

Crosa from Nuernberg, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Sirtis showed off her hateful behavior when she claimed Texans deserved what they got when they were suffering from a horrific snow storm where reported that “at least 20 deaths are believed to be connected to the weather this week in Texas, in addition to at least 18 others in 11 different states.”

She tweeted, “Don’t get me wrong, my heart bleeds for what Texans are going through right now but the mean girl in me says you get the government you deserve and they have voted Republican, across the board, for the last 20 years. #BetoForGovernor.”

Source: Marina Sirtis Twitter

The official website has also advocated for communism posting an article with a headline that reads, “The Star Trek Communist Hopes Star Trek Can Inspire Real Revolution.

The article promotes a man named Will Nguyen and his belief that communism will lead to a utopian vision shown in Star Trek.

Nugyen states, “The conclusion is only through a socialist revolution to overthrow capitalism, going to the next stage of human development, can you actually do that.”

David Satter in the Wall Street Journal claims the ideology of communism has resulted in 100 million deaths in 100 years.

Satter writes, “The total number of victims is closer to 100 million. That makes communism the greatest catastrophe in human history.”

Source: Star Trek: Discovery

It will be interesting to see if ViacomCBS and Star Trek will fire Wil Wheaton and Marina Sirtis for their blatant uses of hate speech.

It will also be interesting to see if they will denounce Nguyen and his promotion of a hateful ideology through Star Trek.

What do you make of Star Trek’s new stance? Do you think they will actually take action or is it all a virtue signal?

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