Leaked Set Photos From Andy Muschetti’s The Flash Provide First Look At Sasha Calle As Supergirl

Source: AMDA Alumna Profile - Sasha Calle, YouTube / Supergirl Vol. 7 #36 "Who Is Laughing Now?" (2020), DC Comics. Variant cover art by Derrick Chew

A handful of leaked photos reportedly taken from Andy Muschetti’s upcoming The Flash solo film have now given fans their first look at actress Sasha Calle as the film’s purportedly “Latina” version of DC’s Supergirl.

Source: Supergirl Vol. 7 #26 “Secrets and Lies” (2019), DC Comics. Cover art by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

First shared to Twitter on June 20th by user @QWaIIyWest, the leaked set photos show Calle suited up in costume as the Girl of Steel.


A set of four photos, two of the images shared by @QWaIIyWest show Calle simply standing around in costume, while the other two capture the young actress performing wirework (ostensibly) for a scene wherein the young Kryptonian makes use of her powers of flight.


With Calle sporting short black hair and a full upper chest cape-and-emblem design for her costume, it appears that Muschetti’s version of Supergirl has taken heavy visual inspiration from Lara Lane-Kent, the incarnation of the young Kryptonian superhero who made her first and only appearance as a figment of Superman’s dreams during the events of the Injustice comic book adaptation.

Source: Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three Vol 1 #7 “For The Man Who’s Lost Everything” (2015), DC Comics. Words by Tom Taylor, Art by Bruno Redondo

However, the use of an unbroken section of blue in making up the majority of her costume, extending from the bottom of her emblem all the way down to the soles of her feet, suggests that Muschetti and his production team may have also been influenced in their costuming endeavors by the outfits of various female Kryptonians, such as the Superwoman of Earth 11 and the Future State Supergirl.

Source: The Multiversity Vol. 1 #1 “Maps and Legends” (2015), DC Comics. Art by Emanuela Lupacchino / Future State: Superman of Metropolis Vol. 1 #2 “Superman of Metropolis, Part 2” (2021), DC Comics. Words by Sean Lewis, Art by John Timms.

Though little is known about the context of the scene being filmed, it appears to take place on the same courthouse steps Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen and Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West can be seen conversing on in a previous set of leaked photos.

As of writing, it is unknown which version of Supergirl Calle will portray in The Flash, though due to her short black hair style, some fans have speculated that she may portray the Cir-El incarnation of the Girl of Steel.

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