Berserk To Resume Publication On September 10th Alongside Kentarou Miura Memorial Booklet

Source: Berserk Illustrations Artbook (1997), Kentaro Miura

The next chapter of Berserk will release alongside a memorial booklet to the late Kentarou Miura, featuring a number of tributes to his life and career provided by his fellow Young Animal manga magazine artists, when the series resumes publication on September 10th.

Source: Berserk Vol. 38 (2017), Hakusensha. Cover art by Kentaro Miura.

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As reported by noted manga news Twitter account Manga Mogura RE, the 364th chapter of Miura’s highly lauded series will pay tribute to the late mangaka with “a memorial booklet [which] will include messages from Young Animal artists,” as well as “a compilation of 29 ‘Berserk’ color pages.”

The chapter, as seen in a preview image released by Young Animal, will see Casca and Guts reunited with the Moon Child, who mysteriously reappeared to Guts at the conclusion of the last chapter.

Source: Manga Mogura RE Twitter

According to Manga Mogura, the Young Animal artists featured in the “Messages to Kentarou Miura” include:

Chica Umino (March Comes In Like A Lion)
Katsu Aki (The Vision of Escaflowne)
Niko Nicholson (Challenging The Manga Dojos)
Hoshi Takashi (Etotama)
Akahori Satoru (Saber Marionette)
Momose Tamami (Sensei no Ojikan)
Mori Kouji (Destroy and Revolution)
Moriyama Ena (Kono Ai wa, Itan.)
Wazarai Shizuya (Blaster Knuckle

Source: Manga Mogura RE Twitter

Berserk will also grace the cover of the respective issue of Young Animal, a significant honor given how, as pointed out by Manga Mogura, “usually only gravure models are on Young Animal magazine covers.”

Source: Manga Mogura RE Twitter

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Notably, Chapter 364 will be one of, if not the last chapter to have been produced by Miura prior to his untimely passing.

Though previous reports speculated that the series would be carried on by one of Miura’s assistants, as of writing, it is unknown whether Berserk will continue following the publication of Miura’s final chapters.

Source: Berserk Ch. 363 “Leaping Monkey” (2021), Hakusensha

Berserk’s 364th chapter will release in Japan on September 10th.

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