A rumor first discussed by Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver seems to have quite a bit more steam to it. In another move understandably drawing ire and skepticism, DC’s new Superman could explore his sexuality in the months to come.

Source: cover to Superman Son of Kal-El #2, DC Comics

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In issue #2 of Superman: Son of Kal-El, Jonathan Kent meets young reporter Jay Nakamura who writer Tom Taylor states becomes “a very good friend” and “confidant like Damian Wayne” by issue #3. “And they’re going to have a big role in this,” Taylor says.

Source: Superman Son of Kal-El #2 by Tom Taylor, DC Comics

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Nakamura can be construed as flirty in his first chat with Jonathan and when issue #5 hits in November, he will be seen cradling the greenhorn Man of Steel on the cover similar to how Lois Lane has cradled Clark Kent’s Superman.

Source: Superman Son of Kal-El #5, DC Comics

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This follows on the heels of DC Comics retconning Tim Drake, the third Robin, and making him sexually attracted to men as they had him accept an offer to go on a date with a male love interest.

Drake is separated from his Robin mantle which currently belongs to Damian Wayne and his sexuality is explored in an issue of Batman: Urban Legends. 

Source: Batman: Urban Legends #6

Regardless, DC got people talking and grabbed mainstream media coverage for a few days, but as YouTuber Yellow Flash notes that coverage has largely died down already, and it’s unclear if it did anything to affect the sales numbers.

Yellow Flash and EVS agree DC did this for publicity that hoodwinked people into talking about a comic no one was reading and that they’ll likely move on from this event in record time.

Yellow Flash adds, if anyone is excited or “overjoyed” about a gay Superman, it’s the woke Twitterers who pirate and read comics for free anyway just to cover them or complain.

Source: Superman Son of Kal-El #1, DC Comics

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And we are reminded again this is Clark Kent’s son Jonathan being discussed here and not the former – i.e., the one most are familiar with – deadening the impact to the woke cause in Yellow Flash’s estimation.

Yellow Flash also says they are doing this strictly to get people talking about their comics even though the stunt will further turn off the usual readers they have left.

Source: Superman Son of Kal-El, DC Comics

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Are you surprised by this at all from DC? Do you think it will generate headlines and quickly die down? Give us your answer below.

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