Bane could return to the breaking backs in of DC’s heroes sooner than you think, as the notorious Batman villain may be headed to small screen for his next feature-length appearance.

Source: Batman & Robin (1997), WB Pictures

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In her latest cup of DC “tea,” YouTube scooper Grace Randolph has claimed that Bane will enter the DCEU as early as the beginning of next year.

“Okay, you wanted some #DCEU tea? #Bane…soon,” she revealed on Twitter. Additionally, Randolph hinted that fans could see his return via HBO Max as “early 2022”.

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In a follow-up tweet, Randolph wrote that Bane “doesn’t have his own project,” but instead “shows up in someone else’s.”

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Though nothing has come of the speculation since it was first reported, that last detail could disappoint those hoping for a Bane solo movie, especially as such a film could have the potential to replicate both the box office success and the introspective character study of Todd Phillip’s Joker.

Randolph gave no indication as to who is on the shortlist to play Bane, but Dave Bautista is a top pick for plenty of fans. Even Bane creator Chuck Dixon thinks the former WWE Superstar would be a perfect casting choice for the character, having confessed this exact belief earlier this year on his popular YouTube channel.

Source: The Dark Knight Rises (2012), WB Pictures

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There isn’t an exact series or film specifically pegged as the production where the formidable master criminal will make his awaited return. Since he is most often a threat to Gotham, Leslie Grace’s Batgirl would be the obvious choice.

However, there is also another, more intriguing option.

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HBO Max’s upcoming Peacemaker series debuts in early 2022 – lining up well with the suggested timeframe.

You may be wondering how that would work, as Bane has nothing to do with the Charlton hero, but you have to remember that the back breaker’s schemes often go global. Thus, it’s possible that his goals could put him in the sights of one Christopher Smith as he pursues his mission of peace at any cost.

Source: DC Comics

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Furthermore, this kind of crossover is right up The Suicide Squad director and Peacemaker writer James Gunn’s alley, so it should come as a surprise to no one if this speculation eventually becomes reality.

Gunn also loves working with Bautista, and if the Drax actor were to land the part as a guest star on Peacemaker, he’d reunite with John Cena and act opposite his old wrestling rival – something that, based some of his recent comments, doesn’t really seem to be a priority for the actor.

Bautista views himself as more of a thespian than his fellow wrestler-turned-actor peers, and as such, doesn’t even feel the need to work with either Dwayne Johnson or Cena. Money talks, though, so we’ll see how long he maintains frame on that one.

Source: Batman & Robin (1997), WB Pictures


As for “Bane 2022,” tell us how likely you think that is in the comments and if you’re excited about the possibility.