The rumor that Bane could appear in the upcoming HBO Max Peacemaker show has been put to rest by the mind behind the series himself, James Gunn.

Source: The Dark Knight Rises (2012), WB Pictures

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Replying on Twitter to an exclusive report run by Movie Scope – of which the information therein was run by other outlets, including Bounding Into Comics – Gunn said that, sadly, there was nothing to the rumor.

“Sorry to say your second exclusive scoop is incorrect,” he wrote in a quoted retweet. “I don’t know what your first scoop was, but hopefully you’re batting 500, which isn’t bad.”

Source: Knightfall TPB #1

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The good news is that Gunn added that his door is open to some of Bane’s verte-breaking in the future, saynig, “Also, I love Bane, & I’m not opposed to #Peacemaker getting his ass kicked, so who knows what the future could bring.”

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The original scoop came from noted YouTuber Grace Randolph and she tried to salvage it by dishing up more details.

“#Bane is not TECHNICALLY in Peacemaker as he shows up for one scene at the very end, he literally has – I believe – one line,” she attempted to clarify on Twitter. “It’s a second season tease.”

Unfortunately, Gunn stepped in once more, noting that there’s nothing to Randolph’s ‘extra context’ either.

Answering Randolph’s post, he stated, “That would, by my definition, mean he was technically in the show. He does not show up at the end or anywhere and has zero lines.”

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That should cut it as far as a refutation of the Bane gossip, as replying to a fan, Gunn vouched for his own veracity and said that he “never lied to the fans about this stuff and I never will.”

So it sounds like we can safely say Bane won’t be in season one of Peacemaker. However, I wouldn’t dismiss the idea that a seed has been planted, which might very well lead to us seeing the Bat-villain on HBO Max down the line.

Source: Vengeance of Bane #2

Do you think an HBO Max appearance by The Man Who Broke The Bat is possible? Drop us a comment with your take below!

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