Gina Carano Describes Police Action In Australia As “Tyrannical Rule” After Man Gets Arrested For Violating The Chief Health Officer’s Directive

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Actress and former MMA fighter Gina Carano recently described a police action in Australia as “tyrannical rule” after they arrested a man for violating the Chief Health Officer’s directive.

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A video of an Australian man being arrested was shared to Twitter by Rita Panahi.

She wrote, “More insane police overreach in Melbourne. Guy put in handcuffs for being a few hundred metres from his home. Police say ‘he has no valid reason to be there’ & ‘wasn’t wearing a face mask’. He says he was getting lunch & having a cigarette.”

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In the video an officer can be heard explaining to a woman that the man was being arrested because he failed to comply with an officer to vacate the area. The officer states, “He has no reason to be here. He doesn’t have a valid reason to be out today. He wasn’t wearing a face mask.”

Another officer can be heard saying, “You are currently under arrest for breaking the Chief Health Officer’s directive.”

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According to the Victoria State Government Health and Human Services department the Chief Health Officer issued “Stay Safe Directions” that took effect on September 23rd and run through October 21st.

As part of those directions all individuals within Regional Victoria must “wear a face covering while in an indoor space; and while in an outdoor space…”

However, the directions exempt individuals who are “smoking or vaping (including e-cigarettes) while stationary.”

Cara Dune (Gina Carano) in Lucasfilm’s THE MANDALORIAN.

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Back to the video, the man who was arrested explains what he was doing before he was arrested, “I’ve gone to meet my friends… she’s gone to get a kabob and we’re going for a walk.”

As for why he didn’t have a mask on he says, “The reason I didn’t have a mask on was because I was having a cigarette. I’ve got two masks in my pocket.”

He then questions, “Like, what else do you want me to do?”

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Another officer than threatens the woman filming the encounter with arrest if she does not “move on.”

The officer also tells her, “Don’t get involved.” He further says, “I understand your concern for him, but you have no involvement…” 

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Gina Carano reacted to the video writing on Twitter, “If they can arrest you for not wearing a mask & walking outside without permission, they can make up any reason to arrest you.”

She added, “How do these police officers live with implementing tyrannical rule over the people they have vowed to protect. They know it’s wrong. #FreeAustralia”

What do you make of Carano’s comments about the Australian police? What do you make of the Australian police’s actions?

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