Rumor: Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s The Batman To Get A Sequel

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Warner Bros. and DC are like the Energizer Bunny: they just keep going and going and going. To where? Blindly into the uncertainty of the unknown where you can plan a sequel, no problem, regardless of how its previous installment does and before you even know.

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As mentioned when we reported on rumored plans for The Flash having a follow-up, The Batman is allegedly guaranteed a sequel or trilogy prior to the first ticket being sold.

Tipster Daniel Richtman, Batman on Film, and news site CBR claim a sequel to The Batman has the necessary green light though there is no word on what direction it will take as far as stories it adapts.

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Alternately, it’s been reported Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson want to adapt Long Halloween despite reports that their film and The Dark Knight already did that piecemeal.

There are also rumors The Batman part 2 will introduce Hush or Two-Face or Bane but they have yet to be corroborated. The same goes for the speculation Reeves wants a trilogy like Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale got.

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That notwithstanding, there are more than a few who think a sequel being decided upon so soon is only natural when Reeves is developing spinoffs centered around the corrupt Gotham PD and The Penguin in his early years for HBO Max.

WB/DC is obviously invested in this venture and knows how profitable Batman can be. They’ll understandably want to make their money back and put HBO Max over the top while they are at it even if they risk oversaturating the market.

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The Dark Knight, a sequel to Batman Begins, is one of the most successful comic book movies ever made so the studio has a precedent to look to. One problem is, though, there’s no way of knowing how well The Batman will do irrespective of high expectations for it.

WB can greenlight a Flash sequel, a Wonder Woman sequel, a Batman sequel, or as many transgressive Superman projects as they want. It won’t matter if there are fewer and fewer people going to see them as long as they keep pushing flat politically charged material.

The Batman could buck the trend but we have to wait and see when it hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

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What do you want to see from and The Batman sequels? Would you go see one at this point? Tell us down below.

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