The Flash movie directed by Andy Muschietti might not be the beginning or end of the story for the mysterious new Supergirl set to be played by Sasha Calle.

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While there’s always the open possibility that she could star in her own solo movie, either in theaters or on streaming,a recent report by That Hashtag Show suggests that executives may jettison the Girl of Steel’s feature film aspirations in favor of expanding upon her backstory in a full-fledged HBO Max series.

“It was originally announced that there would be a Supergirl movie, from what I am hearing from my sources this was originally planned to be a movie released exclusively on HBO Max; but once the script was getting more significant work done, the writers realized that for the show to properly tell [its] story it needed a longer format and the movie became a show,” said That Hashtag Show author Nick Santos.

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“The show will explore her past and what makes her who she is,” he continued. “We’ll see her train and develop her powers. We’ll also get explanations as to how she ends up in the situation she’s in at the beginning of The Flash.”

While there has yet to be any official confirmation of the series, with Melissa Benoist wrapping her run as Supergirl on The CW’s series of the same name and much of the focus for DC content moving from broadcast TV to streaming, the possibility of a reboot of sorts set in the Extended Multiverse is entirely on the table.

Source: Supergirl, The CW

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It’s not clear if the show is meant to be a prequel to or continuation from Supergirl’s appearance in The Flash, but it will nonetheless answer questions expected to be left over after the film rolls its credits.

One big question that will certainly linger will be just what involvement Michael Keaton will have with Supergirl’s future. It’s currently believed that the beloved Batman actor will stick around the DCEU and will turn up in the potential Supergirl series, as THS also added that “the two characters will share a connection in The Flash and that will be explored more in the series.”

Source: Superman/Batman Vol. 1 #8 “The Supergirl From Krypton: Alone” (2004), DC Comics. Words by Jeph Loeb, art by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald.

On the topic of Supergirl’s more well-known cousin, Santos noted that a fly-by from Superman won’t be happening, as “it’s been expressly stated that Superman will not appear in the series.”

However, this does not mean she’ll be the only one from her home planet to appear on-screen, as Santos also added that there is a possibility that “other Kyptonians could appear.”

Source: Action Comics 2021 Annual Vol. 1 #1 “Tales of the House of El” (2021), DC Comics. Cover art by Scott Godlewski.

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Since we don’t know if this project actually has the green light and The Flash’s plot has been kept mostly under wraps (outside of some leaked photos which spoil only a few details, including the potential reveal that Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) has a doppelganger from another Earth who just might be the story’s villain), there aren’t many details regarding the rumored Supergirl series to go on right now.

However, any Supergirl series will follow after the other previously HBO Max DC originals such as Batgirl, Peacemaker, Michael B. Jordan’s Val-Zod miniseries, and the reported Penguin and Red Hood projects.

Supergirl Art - DC Comics

Source: DC Comics

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Before all that, Barry has to fix a broken Multiverse in The Flash when it bursts into theaters in 2022.

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