The Batman co-writer Mattson Tomlin has just been hired to pen the screenplay of Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR comic book series.

Source: John Wick (2014), Lionsgate Films

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Reeves himself made the announcement during an interview with Collider, wherein he seemed quite driven by the production’s little-by-little movement forward.

“We’re working on trying to set up a company with the animation and we’ve hired a writer for the film Mattson Tomlin,” said the Matrix actor. “He’s been cool and just starting to put things together. That’s where we’re at.”

Source: John Wick (2014), Lionsgate Films

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The 12-issue series from Reeves, co-writer Matt Kindt, artist Ron Garney, and BOOM! Studios is also getting an animated series, which Reeves briefly touched upon and described as a story not totally bogged down by continuity.

“We’re working with Netflix who have been very cool,” he explained. “They’re going to let us do an R-rated story which is cool. My ambition or hope is not to do a filmed version of the comic book so that they’ll have things in common, definitely the main character and his kind of rule set, but that we can take it to other places as well.”

Source: Source: BRZRKR Vol. 1 #1 (2021), BOOM! Studios. Variant cover art by Jonboy Meyers.

He continued, “We’re talking to a couple of different animation companies and trying to figure that out. And, again, for me I’m hoping to be inspired and influenced…there are some rules to the story, but I also want other creators to do their version of it.”

Reeves then added, in sum, that he is “hoping to do a different version of a metaverse [wherein] the sense [of] having different storytellers with one set of rules but go other places with it.”

Source: Constantine (2005), DC Films

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BRZRKR the comic is about a mysterious immortal named B who is half-god and half-human. Prone and cursed to suffer violent, insane outbursts, he may have found solace and purpose in carrying out dirty deeds for the US government, as they’ve promised him the one thing he truly desires: the secret to his existence and how to put an end to it.

The first four issues are out in graphic novel form and the film version is in its very nascent stages with few details to go on.

Source: BRZRKR #1, BOOM! Studios

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Mattson Tomlin, whilst having The Batman to look forward to, teased he was readying for work on another comic book property which, thanks to hints dropped on Twitter, people assumed was a Constantine reboot.

Further rumors engendered buzz Reeves would make a return to that mystical DC franchise and possibly work with both Tomlin and J.J. Abrams. Nothing came of any of that, but we are getting a Reeves/Tomlin collaboration anyway, which is cool.

Source: John Wick (2014), Lionsgate Films

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Reeves is a busy man, as in addition to all the BRZRKR stuff, the actor also has Matrix: Resurrections and John Wick 4 on the release horizon.

What do you make of Tomlin penning the screenplay for Netflix’s live-aciton BRZRKR? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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