YouTuber RazörFist recently explained why cultural Marxists are infiltrating every facet of entertainment from movies and television and video games to tabletop games and novels.

Source: All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #40 (2015), Marvel Comics. Words by Brian Michael Bendis, Art by Mahmud Asrar

His explanation came in the middle of a lengthy livestream for MechWarrior 3.

His co-host asks him, “Recently Sargon and Louis Le Vau alluded to a civil war looming down the road. Do you think they are being black pilled or can we fix this in 20 years?”

RazörFist responds, “This is why I laugh when people say s*** like, ‘Oh you are just playing and reviewing video games. You’re not really fighting the culture war.’ The implication being you need to be a political pundit, you need to be obsessed with ‘adult’ things.”

“You guys need to look up Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci is really the beginning of modern cultural Marxism and Gramsci stipulated that the purpose of taking over seemingly banal entertainment, at that time it would have been movies, and plays, and such, is not to propagandize. It’s to block off avenues of escape from politics,” the YouTuber explained.

He then asserted, “They want everyone political because as long as everyone’s political, everyone’s outraged. Because in the Marxist’s mind, which Antonio Gramsci was, this is ultimately going to spur the class conflict and fills the coffers of the communists and down the road it spurs the revolution.” 

Source: Faith #5

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Next, RazörFist touched on the importance of rooting out these cultural Marxists in entertainment, “So, I want to make this unequivocally clear, you can bash The Quartering, Nerdrotic, the people who talk about the latest woke thing and then criticize it. They are doing more for the culture war and to stave off Marxism than pundits are. Straight up.”

“Because the Marxists’ tactic, right now, is not to move politically. It’s to move within the entertainment and cut off all escape.” he added.

Source: Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0

The YouTuber then went on to briefly explain Gramsci’s ideas on entertainment, “Gramsci wrote that the thing that was happening with entertainment was that we were so comfortable in capitalism. People in capitalist countries that were affluent, he was specifically talking about America in this case. Actually, no, he was talking about Great Britain.”

He continued, “Because Gramsci believed that Great Britain of all the countries on Earth was primed for a class struggle on paper. But what he realized was the revolution wasn’t coming and he basically decided that it was because people were relatively prosperous and they were distracted by entertainment.”

The YouTuber then posited, “So, if you actually cut the Marxists out. If you expose the corruption of the entertainment and expel them from it, you actually create avenues of escape for normal people.”

Warhammer 40,000: Revelations #3

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He went on to emphasize that point, “You know, you hear people say all the time, ‘Man, what happened?’ Even like 10 years ago people just kind of minded their own business on politics and it didn’t really matter. And now everyone’s all keyed up on it.”

“Well, social media is keeping us perpetually engaged to it. But even more than that, the entertainment is having politics injected into it constantly. It won’t help to inject just right wing politics into it because you are still keeping things political,” he said.

Source: Batgirl #8

“You understand, this is a plank of the post-Gramsci, cultural Marxists platform. So, actually the people at the vanguard fighting Marxism in culture and cultural Marxism in general are the people who are reacting to the propaganda in entertainment, video games, movies. This is important work,”  declared RazörFist.

He added, “And it’s also important in the sense that you need people to talk about where we need to go ’cause it’s important for the written word and the spoken word to go ahead of the action.”

Source: Warhammer 40,000: Will of Iron #1

“You didn’t just have the American Revolution, RazörFist said. “You had the Wealth of Nations written. And you had the writings of Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin, and Publius, and so forth.

“And that went ahead of the American Revolution and the ratification of the Constitution and all the other things that came down the pike later,” he concluded.

Source: Warhammer 40,000: Fallen #4

What do you make of RazörFist’s explanation on why cultural Marxists are invading entertainment and his solution on combating them?

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