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Razörfist via The Rageaholic YouTube
September 5, 2023
YouTuber Razörfist, who runs The Rageholic channel, recently explained his “Go Broke, Get Woke, Ultimately Croak” theory at the expense of Volition Games, who recently announced they were shutting down after the launch of the disastrous Saints Row reboot, and the recently released Barbie movie.
Ghost of the Badlands #1 (2023)
April 25, 2023
Razorfist and George Alexopolous’s Ghost of the Badlands graphic novel raises nearly $200,000 on its IndieGoGo debut.
Source: Nightvale Book II: Death Mask (2022), Nightvale Novels. Cover art by Dominus.
June 21, 2022
Razörfist spoke with us about his upcoming book, Death Mask, as well as pulp’s past, its revival, and the beauty of classic genre cover art.
Source: The Rageaholic YouTube
December 9, 2021
YouTuber RazörFist recently explained why cultural Marxists are infiltrating every facet of entertainment from movies and television and video games to tabletop games and novels.
Source: The Shadow 1941
September 30, 2021
YouTuber RazörFist on his channel The Rageaholic called on people to reject modernity and modern DC and Marvel Comics in favor of pulp heroism.
Source: Gun Ghoul
May 3, 2021
YouTube personality RazörFist endorsed the newly launched digital comics platform Arktoons as the site added four new series on Monday, May 3rd.