The White Knight Universe of Batman will continue on and Sean Murphy is going back to the future, but also literally Beyond that, for his next installment.

Source: Batman Beyond, Kids WB!

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In a move bound to excite readers and Bat-fans, Murphy is putting his spin on the Neo-Gotham future state that is home to Terry McGinnis and the characters/events of the celebrated animated show Batman Beyond with the aptly titled limited series Batman: Beyond The White Knight. offered a sneak peek at the new book, a follow-up to Curse of the White Knight, and went to Murphy for his thoughts on the project which admits he is having a blast doing since he’s game to revisit the White Knight universe.

Source: Batman – Beyond White Knight #1 by Sean Murphy, DC Comics

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“I really missed working in Gotham and it feels so great to be back,” he said. “Drawing Neo-Gotham as an upgraded, retrofitted futurescape has been a blast.”

He added, “I’m working hard to blend the Beyond aesthetic with the White Knight world. Batman Beyond and Terry McGinnis fans will get everything they loved about the animated series, as well as a few twists.”

Source: Batman Beyond, Kids WB!

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And there are going to be quite a few new ones when, as DC’s preview describes, a lot of the elements in the setup will be familiar – such as a young McGinnis stealing Bruce’s suit with all the gadgets and mad CEO Derek Powers being at the center of it.

However, they are reworked to fit a new narrative that is tailored to include a still-active, though also still aged, Bruce who is fresh out of prison and a Robin, the first, in Jason Todd who wasn’t a factor before in usual Batman Beyond continuity.

Source: Batman – Beyond White Knight #1 by Sean Murphy, DC Comics

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In this tale, Bruce Wayne went to prison after giving away his wealth and ten years have now passed. Terry swoops in and steals the “Beyond suit” to do the bidding of Powers, who in the White Knight timeline is a chief executive of Gotham Motors.

True to form, Powers takes control “of the Wayne family’s assets and is using them to transform the GTO and the city they’ve sworn to protect.” What’s an old Bat to do? Call on Jason “to destroy the mantle for good,” of course.

Source: Batman – Beyond White Knight #1 variant cover by Sean Murphy, DC Comics

Batman: Beyond The White Knight is an eight-issue miniseries from DC’s Black Label imprint written and drawn by Sean Murphy that goes on sale in your local brick-and-mortar comic store, and elsewhere, on March 29th.  

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