Batgirl Set Details Reveal A Mural With Robin, A Black Canary Tease, And A Christmas Setting

Source: The New Adventures of Batman (1977), CBS and Warner Bros. TV

There will be serious world-building taking place in Batgirl that newly leaked set photos bring to light.

Source: Batman: Batgirl (1997)

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Our first image comes from Batgirl Film News on Twitter with credit given to Andrew Milligan/PA Wire and it shows a mural of Batgirl’s reported mentor, the Dark Knight himself, and his sidekick Robin.

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The specific Robin is not known but the mural confirms the Batman played by Michael Keaton eventually found a partner in crimefighting whose fate is a mystery – whether killed off or MIA like Jason Todd and Dick Grayson.

It’s possible this is a veiled reference to the Grayson Robin played by Chris O’Donnell in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin – those films originally connected somewhat to the earlier Tim Burton movies – but most feel The Flash and Batgirl will ignore Joel Schumacher’s take on the lore.

Source: Batman Forever (1995), Warner Bros.

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There are traces of complaints that the cowl in the wall art doesn’t match Keaton’s in Batman and Batman Returns but it must be remembered he gets a new suit in The Flash.

Our next leak is a series of images shared by @bestofjurnee on Twitter, an account devoted to Birds of Prey star and Black Canary actress Jurnee Smollett. They point out graffiti in the background covers up posters for Dinah Lance concerts.

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The poster seen piecemeal on one wall tagged with street art is orange with a pattern of soundwave rings resembling Dinah’s famous Canary Cry which she used in BOP to fell Black Mask’s goons.

Another poster – either another ad for a concert or an album – can be found hanging in a window and, simply labeled “CANARY,” it shows the composite of a shorthaired woman who appears blindfolded and gagged.

Source: Birds of Prey (2020), Warner Bros.

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We aren’t too sure of the nature of these images and what they mean for the plot. Black Canary is rumored for a cameo but she might only get some sneaky Easter Eggs.

Batgirl does take place in the DCEU and most likely will share continuity with Birds of Prey, however altered that is by The Flash’s paradox scenario, so they can easily set up an appearance by the Canary at some point – should she be saved for a later entry.

Source: The Flash, The CW

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Per a different and polarizing rumor, Barbara Gordon, Dinah, and the new Supergirl played by Sasha Calle are expected to join forces in a revamped Justice League that would allow Warner Bros./DC Films to move further away from the Snyderverse they allegedly can’t stand.

When Batgirl makes its slated 2022 premiere on HBO Max, it may be around Christmastime. According to an additional leak by Twitter account @bigscreenleaks, the film will be set during the holiday season.

“Hearing that the #Batgirl sets will be starting to get decorated with Christmas stuff later on tonight,” said BSL in their post.

Source: BigScreenLeaks Twitter

So don’t be surprised if Batgirl pulls a stunt akin to Wonder Woman 1984 and is out in time for Christmas 2022 with all its little references and seeds Warner hopes will sprout into an ongoing thing.

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