Wherever there is a Batman, Joker is sure to follow whether called for or not, and that’s the essence of a new rumor that concerns HBO Max’s prequel to The Batman that’ll explore the Gotham Police Force.

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Cosmic Book News is reporting a post on the Reddit forum SuperHeroHype claims The Clown Prince of Crime is going to appear on the series and the author offered details.

The post was also shared on the Reddit DCEUleaks page with screenshots of tweets by The Batman Central as evidence.

Source: DCEULeaks Subreddit

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The first claim is that the Gotham PD series will be based on Frank Miller’s tale Year One and two stories by Ed Brubaker, The Man Who Laughs, and Gotham Central.

Joker is reported as “the main antagonist” and his origin will be told through the eyes of the Police and Batman, who is said to have a much bigger part to play than first thought.

The tip states that there is someone Batman knows who is horribly scarred that’s sitting in Arkham and, though this could be any number of his foes, the conclusion is they are talking about The Joker.

Source: The Batman Central on Twitter

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Two-Face would be the primary suspect to most as Harvey Dent fits the “scarred” description and was one of the important rogues in Gotham Central. He, however, is being ruled out by the leaker because it’s also said Matt Reeves has plans for the coin-flipping villain in The Batman’s sequel.

While Eternals actor Barry Keoghan is rumored to be playing Joker in Reeves’ pocket of the DCEU, his name isn’t mentioned. Star of Crawl and The Maze Runner, Kaya Scodelario, is on the other hand even though her role – if there really is one – remains a mystery.

She could play Renee Montoya who was another major part of Gotham Central or possibly even Harley Quinn since Joker is involved, which would fit with another rumor that Margot Robbie is being phased out of DC movies.

Source: The Batman Central on Twitter

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That latter case might mean we are in store for a retelling of Harley’s transformation from simple psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel into Joker’s hench girl.

Keep in mind that’s just a theory and this leaked information is only a rumor for right now. We won’t know much more than hearsay until the so-called Gotham PD prequel show reaches a production and streaming premiere date.

Source: The Batman Central on Twitter

What do you make of these claims? Do you find them encouraging for The Batman’s continuation on HBO Max? Answer below.

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