Science fiction novelist Richard Fox’s second novel in his The Ember War Saga will be receiving a graphic novel adaptation.

Source: The Ember War: The Ruins of Anthalas

The adaptation is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

It is being adapted by comic book writer and fellow novelist Jon Del Arroz with artwork by Oliver Borges, who previously worked on Bloodshot: Rising Spirit and Zenescope’s The Courier Liberty and Death. Del Arroz previously adapted the first book in the saga, The Ember War, with artist Jethro Morales.

Source: The Ember War: The Ruins of Anthalas

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The official description for the series states, “An ancient holocaust holds the key to humanity’s survival. Only a sliver of mankind survived the Xaros invasion. With Earth’s defenses in ashes, nothing can stop the aliens’ inevitable return.”

The description concludes, “Hope arrives from a cryptic message from a long-lost alien race, promising the means to rebuild the shattered space fleet. Captain Valdar takes one of the last strike carriers, the Breitenfeld, and his shell-shocked crew on a desperate mission to the dead world. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only power that received the ancient message…”

Source: The Ember War: The Ruins of Anthalas

If you are unfamiliar with The Ember War, the official description for the nine book saga on Amazon states, “A merciless alien race bent on human extermination has pointed its armada towards Earth. The countdown to their arrival begins.”

“A mysterious intelligence warns only a young scientist, Marc Ibarra, of our impending doom. Together, the two create a plan for humanity to survive the invasion. Even with the aid of advanced new technology, Marc is faced with a major problem. The plan—if it works—can only save a fraction of us,” it continues.

It concludes, “Who survives? Who dies? How can humanity win the battle against almost certain annihilation? With what will only be an ember of humanity left, will it be enough to rekindle our chance for survival and strike back at the Xaros?”

Source: The Ember War: The Ruins of Anthalas

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Fox describes the series as “Battlestar Galactica meets Mass Effect. It is a story of first contact with galactic empires, some with our best interests at heart, others that see us as an infestation to be wiped out.”

He adds, “Epic space battles, heroes and villains you’ll never forget and just the right amount of humor to make you bust out laughing while you’re reading in public.”

Source: The Ember War: The Ruins of Anthalas

The Ember War: The Ruins of Anthalas graphic novel will feature the option to purchase a variant cover by Joe Bennett.

The Kickstarter campaign also has a $30,000 stretch goal that includes the adaptation of the short story “Iron Hearts.” The short story was originally published in Ember War Tales alongside “Vent Rats,” “The Anvil,” “Iron Within,” “Schism,” and “Going Dark.” 

The official description for “Iron Hearts” states, “Elias, soldier of the Iron Hearts and pilot of a mechanized suit of armor, lies comatose in a hospital. His mind trapped within the prison of his failing body. With no other option but to watch their friend wither away, his fellow Iron Hearts concoct a dangerous plan to save him.”

Source: The Ember War

The campaign also includes the option to purchase the first graphic novel adaptation if you missed out on that campaign. You can also read the first volume digitally on

As of writing the Kickstarter campaign has 13 backers and has raised $646. It is aiming to hit $25,000.

The Ember War

Source: The Ember War

Do you plan on backing The Ember War: Ruins of Anthalas?

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