Social justice activist Sam Maggs, a former writer at The Mary Sue, announced she quit working on the Knights of the Old Republic Remake.

Source: Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic Remake

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Maggs previously announced her involvement in the series back in September when the game was announced by Aspyr Media tweeting, “IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING.”

The video accompanying the tweet shows her editing her Twitter profile to include Knights of the Old Republic Remake.

In a subsequent tweet she added, “Could not be more honored and excited to be part of an INCREDIBLE team at Aspyr Media to remake one of my all-time favorite games!!”

Source: Sam Maggs Twitter

However, on her website, Maggs now claims she quit after working on the game for nine months. 

She wrote, “I was on this project for like 9 months in 2021 and then I quit. You’re gonna be okay. If you e-mail or message me about it, I won’t see it. My filters are really good.”


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This revelation appears to confirm a rumor from YouTuber MrMattyPlays. 

Back in January, MrMattyPlays noted, “Her contract has expired. She’s move on to work at Wizards of the Coast to be a Narrative Lead.”

He added, “Her role was very minor compared to others that work there.”

Indeed, Maggs announced on Twitter in November 2021 that she joined Wizards of the Coast.

She wrote, “JOB NEWS: Today I’m joining the brilliant folks at Wizards of the Coast on their Digital Publishing & Licensing team as Narrative Lead!!”

Source: Sam Maggs Twitter

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Given it appears MrMattyPlays scoop regarding Maggs panned out to be true, it’s possible his other scoops regarding the game could be true as well.

Those scoops included what the game’s combat system will look like, and changes to characters.

Regarding the combat he stated, ““First and foremost I wanted to talk about some of the action combat, which as we saw in the job listings that’s more than likely confirmed at this point in time. Gonna be the thing.”

He continued, “What it was compared to in the terms of inspiration, this does not mean the execution will be like, but inspiration. They looked at the likes of God of War, Nioh 2…”

Source: Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic Remake

The YouTuber then noted, “On the story front, I was told that they’re staying faithful to the main story outside of some changes to characters like race, species, name, age. But that’s not going to apply to anyone connected to the main plot.”

He also noted that the game will include minigames like Swoop Racing and the Pazaak card game, and that Aspyr also plans to remaster the original game’s soundtrack for the Remake.

Source: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2021, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch), Aspyr Media

YouTuber Ryan Kinel reacted to the news that Maggs quit saying, “I think that, one, that is good news that she’s not working on the project anymore.”

Later, he added, “It is interesting that after a history of s***ing on fans, after a lot of backlash after she was announced, very quietly she’s not working on the project anymore. She’s saying she quit. I guess we really don’t have any reason to doubt that.”

What do you make of Sam Maggs’ allegedly quitting Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic Remake?

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