Ava DuVernay And The CW’s ‘Naomi’ Continues To See Its Viewership Numbers Crash

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Executive Producer and creator Ava DuVernay continues to see viewership for her The CW show, Naomi, continue to crash week after week with the show’s seventh episode posting the worst ratings and viewership so far.

Source: Naomi

According to TV Series Finale, the seventh episode of Naomi titled “I Am Not a Used Car Salesman” was only viewed by 429,000 people and its ratings in the 18-49 demographic clocked in at .06.

Source: TV Series Finale

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As you can see in the chart above the show lost over 10% of its viewership from episode six and its ratings declined by 40%.

Overall, the show has seen its viewership decline by 373,000 individuals. That’s 46.5% very close to half the premiere’s total viewership.

Source: Naomi

Despite the massive decline in viewership and ratings, the show is still not the worst performing show on The CW yet, that honor goes to Season 2 of “Two Sentence Horror Stories.”

That show has an average viewership of 222,000 viewers and an average rating in the 18-49 demographic of .04.

Source: Naomi

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Currently, the worst performing DC Comics-based property is Season 3 of Batwoman. The show had an average rating of .09 in the 18-49 demographic and average viewership of 458,000.

That series saw viewership fluctuate throughout the season with its lowest viewed episode being episode five with 372,000 viewers tuning in. It’s most viewed episode was episode 11 with 542,000 viewers. 

Source: Naomi

Naomi still has three episodes left, and given the show has never seen its viewership increase once, it’s still possible its average viewership could fall below that of Batwoman’s.

Although it’s unlikely, if each upcoming episode saw it’s viewership decline by 5% every week show show would still have an average viewership of 517,567. That would see it fall below DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which is in its seventh season.

It currently has an average viewership per episode of 573,000 and it ranks as the 7th best performing show on The CW.

Source: TV Series Finale

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As for why the show’s viewership continues to decline every week, it’s likely because the show just isn’t very good as user scores appear to indicate.

It currently has a 5.6 out of 10 weighted average on IMDb from 3,991 IMDb users. The arithmetic mean is 6.6 and the median is 8.

Source: IMDb

The show performs extremely poorly across all age demographics with those 30-44 giving the show an average rating of 4.0.

Males rate it much lower than females over all as well with males across all groups giving it an average rating of 4.0 while females give it an average rating of 6.1

Source: IMDb

What do you make of Naomi’s crashing viewership numbers? How low do you think they will go by season’s end?

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