DC has taken another character with decades of history and changed their gender, except this time they are going the other way. Instead of a male hero being turned female or replaced with a woman, a dark young heroine is being rewritten into a guy.

Source: Titans, HBO Max

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It’s a multiverse variant but we nevertheless get to see what Raven of the Teen Titans would be like if she was a boy in Multiversity: Teen Justice #2. Cover art by Robbi Rodriguez showing off the “masculine-presenting” Raven was released in a solicitation for the issue.

Little is known about this version so far but he hails from Earth-11 and, according to a synopsis for the comic, he is a loner reluctant to join the Titans who also happen to have a non-binary Flash described by CBR as one who “may just be the fastest version of the character yet.”

Source: Multiversity Teen Justice #2 Cover by Stephanie Hans

Vara Dark of Dark Titan Enterprises spotlighted the site’s report on this revision of an established character and views the development as another unoriginal idea from the troubled publisher.

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Dark finds it “very lame” and unnecessary that DC thinks there is a need for “twisting these characters around” time and time again.

She also doesn’t believe it was a good idea to redesign Raven with a simple “vest and jeans.” Dark commented, “I don’t understand who thought this was a good idea but it isn’t.”

She adds there isn’t anything “cool” about the get-up or any of the others that members of the team sported on the Multiversity cover. “All of these outfits look like trash. I don’t see a single character here that actually looks cool,” Dark said.

Source: Multiversity: Teen Justice #2 cover by Robbi Rodriguez, DC Comics

Pivoting to Son of Kal-El’s lagging sales and the narrative’s climate agenda, she then points out this woke strategy is not working for DC even though the writer of the Superman book, Tom Taylor, thinks otherwise.

“I don’t believe a story’s worth is measured by its sales,” Taylor tweeted a few months ago. “But our Superman is selling pretty well.”

He was referring to issue #5 of Son of Kal-El in which Jonathan opens up about his bisexuality. Data indicates the book fell off after cracking the Top 10 in November sales, as Taylor mentioned, but he and DC aren’t publicizing sales numbers or trying hard to refute their detractors at all.

Source: Tom Taylor Twitter

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Dark can see DC is contriving revamps of old, proven characters and their offshoots, like in the cases of Batman and Robin or Superman and Supergirl and Jonathan Kent, in order to get something to stick with fans. However, Dark plans to stay away from Teen Justice #2 as most other readers surely will.

Multiversity: Teen Justice #2 by Ivan Cohen, Danny Lore, and Marco Failla goes on sale on July 5th. “The explosive miniseries starring Kid Quick and their allies shifts into even higher gear as Teen Justice investigates the Church of Blood!” the synopsis begins.

Source: Teen Titans Intro (2003), Warner Bros. Animation

“When efforts to infiltrate the mysterious church backfire, one hero faces a devastating loss!” it continues. “Plus: Supergirl and Robin attract surprising allies when they discover an unexpected mystery, Aquagirl finds herself out of her element (and then some), and an encounter with the Justice Guild threatens the future of Teen Justice!”

What do you make of this new Raven? Do you plan on getting Multiversity: Teen Justice #2?

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