A plethora of Bethesda rumors claim to reveal alleged details for The Elder Scrolls VI, an alleged Mandalorian MMO, a Fallout remaster, and more.

Source: The Elder Scrolls VI (TBA), Bethesda Softworks

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The claim comes via “Skullzi,” a frequent source of Bethesda leaks, both from his own sources and reporting on other’s. He revealed the most recent claims came from an anonymous source in late April.

“Bethesda stuff I’m hearing from an anonymous source, please take this with a grain of salt, don’t claim it as an inside statement from me,” Skullzi prefaced, before claiming Bethesda’s plans include “PvPvE game in dev at Roundhouse that may surprise you,” “TES VI [The Elder Scrolls VI] set in Hammerfell,” and “TES VI will have a political system.”

Source: Skullzi, Twitter

In the second post, Skullzi claimed “Betrayals, marriage and factions matter in TES VI,” “No dragons in TES VI,” “TES VI in full dev, early stages,” “Target release is 2025-26,” “BGS [Bethesda Game Studios] Austin and Montreal working on Spyteam,” “Mando MMO at Zenimax Online,” “Quake reboot in talks,” and “TES and Fallout remasters via inXile.”

Source: Skullzi, Twitter

Skullzi would later clarify “Mando” did indeed mean The Mandalorian to another Twitter user.

Source: SkullziTV Twitter

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The final post claims “Xbox shifting resources to assist Bethesda with massive workloads,” and a “TES potential 4x strategy game” are planned. Skullzi closes by once again stating “REMEMBER – These are from a credible anonymous source but I haven’t personally verified it yet. These are NOT my inside statements, I am just reporting on what I hear.”

Source: Skullzi, Twitter

Skullzi’s tweets were later deleted, including a tweet discussing what could be the deletion itself. “Getting hate direct from Bethesda now. Even though I was very transparent about how nobody should consider this legit. I’m f—–g done. Thanks.”

Source: Skullzi, Twitter

However the exact context isn’t clear. While Skullzi discussed a now deleted tweet from Zenimax Online Studios Senior Producer Eric Smith, the “direct hate” according to one Twitter user was “‘Anonymous Source’ lmao k.”

Source:_Ghostzone Twitter

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Regardless, some tweets discussing the claims survived. “2 days ago you said Zenimax was making a Starfield MMO?” inquired @lHybr1dl. “That was my own speculation based off evidence I gathered,” Skullzi explained. “But from what I heard it could be a Mando game instead. Only time will tell at this point.” Similar comments were made to another user who asked a similar question.

Source: lHybr1dl, Skullzi, Twitter

In 2021, insider and XboxEra founder Nick Baker had previously claimed a Mandalorian game was in the works, albeit in error. Around the time of GamesBeat Summit 2021, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer showed his office, complete with various gaming memorabilia and merchandise.

“Ok. So you’ll notice…there’s a Mandalorian Funko on Phil’s shelf,” Baker reportedly tweeted. “Yes. Someone is making a Mandalorian game. Not sure who yet. Sorry.” It seems Baker may have been right for the wrong reason.

“Ok, so liiiiittle bit of a whoopsie. Yeah, there’s going to be a Mando game. But um…that’s apparently not a Mando Funko,” Baker sheepishly clarified. “I might have just said something I wasn’t supposed to yet. Hoping I didn’t just burn my source. Got some apologising to do.” Suffice to say, the original tweet was deleted. 

Source: Nick Baker, Twitter

Alleged footage of a Mandalorian game also supposedly leaked in 2021. However the video survives to this day with no DMCA despite almost 150,000 views, somewhat harming its validity. A rumor from February of this year also claimed Microsoft was in early talks with Obsidian for Fallout New Vegas 2.

Officially, Bethesda’s upcoming games include Starfield and Redfall in 2022, with The Elder Scrolls VI having no official release date at this time.

Source: Fallout 3 (2008), Bethesda

What do you think of the claims? Would a Mandalorian MMO be the best fit for the series? Let us know what you think on social media, and in the comments below. 

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