‘What Is A Woman?’ Review – The Documentary Of Our Age

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

Who would have thought that in the 21st century, we’d be forced to ask one of the most basic questions imaginable… and have such difficulty getting an answer from our supposed most-trusted sources? That’s exactly what Daily Wire commentator and Conservative pundit Matt Walsh posited when he decided to create his own documentary on the subject.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

In an age of fundamentalist, radical Left-wing groupthink being shoved down the throats of humans around the globe, Walsh fights back with a simple question that the fascistic Left are simply unable to answer. Throughout the documentary’s runtime, audiences must contend with one gob smacking moment after another, and it’s fascinating to watch the circular reasoning unfold.

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The main focus of Walsh’s attack is aimed squarely at the radical transgender movement, which seeks to supplant biological norms – and basic reality – with a purely subjective personal interpretation of one’s own self. This particular brand of silliness has been bubbling under the surface of our culture for many decades, unbeknownst to most.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

Walsh dissects the argument made by the extreme far-Left, which is little more than gobbledygook parroted from the mouths of two particularly insidious and revolting cultural figures – Alfred Kinsey, and John Money. The former was notorious for conducting horrific sexual experiments on children, including newborn infants, and believed that societal norms, including the nuclear family, needed to be abolished.

The latter, John Money, convinced the parents of David Reimer to raise him as a girl from a very young age in the mistaken belief that he would adjust, and prosper. Instead, both David and his brother were severely traumatized by Money forcing them to commit sex acts on each other, and live a life of lies. Brian overdosed on antidepressants and died in 2002, while David committed suicide in 2004. 

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

Money was also the man responsible for the initial concepts and definitions of gender identity and gender roles, as well as the framework for what is now regarded as radical gender theory.

Rather than attribute malice to those pushing the transgender argument, Walsh instead establishes through the documentary that they simply aren’t aware of the history of how this cultural movement came about in the first place. If more people knew about what Kinsey and Money had been up to, they might sing a different tune.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

What Is A Woman? puts a lot of its focus on Matt Walsh interviewing various “medical experts” and political activists who are fully engaged in the Left-leaning side of the culture war, and his ability to decimate their argument with simple logic is astonishing to watch.

At several points throughout the documentary, so-called “academic elites” are forced into particularly embarrassing circular arguments by a guy who never went to college, or university. These segments do a lot to reinforce the longstanding argument that “some ideas are so stupid that only liberal elites could possibly believe them.”

Source: “What Is a Woman?” (2022), Courtesy Of The Daily Wire

Later, Walsh decides to fly across the world to the continent of Africa, where he meets up with a tribe in Nairobi to discuss gender roles. For some strange reason, these folks seem to have no trouble whatsoever telling Walsh what a woman is, and how they’re different from men. When asked if they’d ever like to live in America, the answer is a resounding “no.”

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And perhaps that’s the greatest tragedy the documentary drags into the light. The West has become so culturally decadent and fat off its own exploits that it is now challenging basic concepts of reality, for the sake of narcissistic vanity and self-validation. The real victims, of course, are actual women.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

Walsh interviews several female athletes who tell their stories of how biological males consistently thrash them in sports, due to their unfair physical advantages. It’s about more than just battling the irrationality of the transgender movement’s radical claim; it’s also about giving a voice to an entire sex that has been mothballed in favor of an unrealistic, and unworkable ideology.

For those on the Left pushing the typically dishonest notion that What Is A Woman? promotes hatred and violence against the transgender population, it simply doesn’t pan out. At one point, Walsh interviews a biological female-to-male transgender who tells a heartbreaking story about her own personal regrets over her decision.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

It’s extremely difficult to watch as she describes a series of life-threatening complications as a result of her transition, from pulmonary embolisms and stress heart attacks, to 6 inches of hair inside of her urethra. It’s equally heartbreaking to watch her break down at the prospect of her lifespan cut short because of the trauma she endured, and how it will affect her family.

None of this is “anti-trans propaganda,” any more than exposing the butchery of Planned Parenthood is an “attack on women’s rights.” Rather, it’s the reality commonly associated with such a drastic, life-altering decision, and how the mainstream media and the political Left have suppressed and censored any talk of it, for fear of the truth getting out. 

No wonder The Daily Wire’s site was DDOS’ed on the day of the documentary’s release.

Source: “What Is a Woman?” (2022), Courtesy Of The Daily Wire

Much like the abortion debate, the Left frequently choose to suppress and censor the ugly side that the public rarely gets to see, or hear about. For all the unintended humor of What Is A Woman?, it’s also an exercise in pulling back the curtain to expose the horrors of what lurks beneath the exterior of the argument.

The documentary is beautifully shot, and easily mirrors the best that anything Discovery has put out. At the directorial helm is Justin Folk, who previously directed 2019’s No Safe Spaces, and has worked on films like The Incredible Hulk and the Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions in the visual effects department.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

Folk gives the documentary its sense of gravitas, weight and merit, exercising a professional eye and a keen sense of pacing. He manages to move from one scene to the next, spending just the right amount of time on each, and tying them all together under one narrative framework that is difficult to look away from.

The ever-emotionless Matt Walsh brings his particular charm to What Is A Woman? as the film’s central protagonist – a simple guy with basic, common-sense values asking a question that isn’t the least bit difficult to answer. It’s therefore hilarious to watch him contend with females at women’s marches who are unable to tell him what a woman is.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

The documentary’s intended goal is to expose the real culprit behind this movement’s rise to mainstream popularity – fear of reprisal. Those who speak out on this topic can be blacklisted, socially ostracized, fired from their jobs, and in certain jurisdictions like Canada, thrown in jail under Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical Bill C-16. 

The madness of the movement has now seeped into our systems of government, education (from Kindergarten to the University level), and the corporate world. However, Walsh does present hope for the future as more and more rational, sane individuals begin speaking up, consequences be damned.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

It’s hard to gripe about What Is A Woman? due to everything it does right. However, it might have worked better as an episodic mini-series that explored the topic further. There’s still an opportunity for Walsh and The Daily Wire to do this, and it could certainly dive into this topic on a much deeper level.

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There’s also a large focus on the transgender issue as it relates to women, and it does come off slightly heavy-handed. Of course, the intention of the documentary was to showcase how the TG movement has decimated the notion of women as a sex, and relegated them to unimportant background figures, but it would have been nice to focus on how women were actually a thing up until just recently.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

And of course, Walsh misses a key opportunity to bring radical feminist voices into the mix; a group currently engaged in a lukewarm war with the transgender movement. In so doing, Walsh could have pointed out the inevitable conflict about to break out between radical feminism and the LGBTQ movement, especially as women are continuously sidelined.

Nevertheless, What Is A Woman? is one of The Daily Wire’s best pieces of content thus far, but it’s also the documentary of the year; nay… the decade. Its enormous popularity is evidence of the fact that the majority of the population is getting sick and tired of the far-Left’s attempt to socially re-engineer society, and the façade is starting to crack.

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

Best of all, What Is A Woman? gives a voice to those who have been used and abused by politically dishonest Left-wing lunatics who see fit to throw them in the proverbial toy box, only to be used again to prop up particular arguments such as abortion rights. Those people, of course, are women.

It also goes to show the distinct difference between the utter, sheer madness of narcissistic liberal elitism versus the common sense values of Conservative culture, and just how easy it is for the latter to define a woman without a moment’s hesitation, or confusion. 

Source: What Is A Woman, The Daily Wire

Kudos to Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire for this excellent documentary. It’s one that everyone should watch, if for no other reason than to be entertained by dishonest, disreputable Left-wing elitists as they spin around like tops in an attempt to obfuscate, misdirect, and deflect away from their own inability to answer a question that your average 5 year old would have no trouble doing.

You might be asking yourself why Bounding Into Comics is reviewing a socio-political documentary. The answer, naturally, is because this radical ideology is now the front and center of the pop culture debate, infecting every imaginable property, and then some. Radicalism never stops; it continues to spread like a virus, and we all need to step up and say “enough is enough.”

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