Legendary comic book artist Tim Sale was reportedly rushed to the hospital on Monday, June 13th, 2022. According to DC Comics Creative officer, Jim Lee, he has severe health issues.

Source: Batman, The Long Halloween Special, DC Comics

Sale was born in Ithica, New York on May 1, 1956, growing up in Seattle Washington. For college, he went to art school in New York City and began working in the comic book industry in 1983.

He is best known for his work collaborating with Jeph Loeb on Batman: The Long Halloween and its sequel series. Loeb and Sale became synonymous as a partnership with quality comics made for both Marvel and DC Comics. In 1999, Sale won the Eisner award for best short comic for his work on “Devil’s Advocate.”

Batman by Jeph Loeb & Tim Loeb Sale Omnibus

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The extent of Sale’s health conditions are not currently known as of the time of this writing, but the news comes as a shock as the comic industry has lost beloved artists George Perez and Neal Adams earlier this year. With Sale’s hospitalization, comic fans are bracing for what could be a third major loss of talent in a short period of time.

Perez had announced his cancer publicly ahead of time, bracing fans and friends for his eventual passing, and making final appearances at comic cons. DC Comics and Marvel also teamed up to release a reprint of his beloved JLA/Avengers crossover book benefiting the Hero Initiative charity, which is meant to assist creators in need. Neal Adams’ death came as a surprise at eighty years old, from complications from sepsis.


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Several industry professionals reacted to Sale’s hospitalization, wishing condolences as the artist is nearly universally beloved by fans and fellow creators.

Jim Lee stated, “I regret to share the very sad news that the legendary artist Tim Sale has been admitted to the hospital with severe health issues. Tim, I am praying for you, buddy. Stay strong & know that your legions of fans around the world loves & cherishes you & your amazing talent.”

Source: Jim Lee Twitter

Wonder Woman and Red Sonja writer Gail Simone replied with, “TIM SALE! We love you! GET WELL!.”

Source: Gail Simone Twitter

Deadpool and Cable creator Rob Liefeld made his own tweet, saying, “Hey – prayers up for Tim Sale! He’s in the hospital and needs all our good vibes, prayers and well wishes!”

Source: Rob Liefeld Twitter

Joe Sonntag, creator of the hit IndieGoGo campaign, Reaper Destroyer, told Bounding Into Comics, “Tim Sale is a legend in this industry and a fantastic artist, his run on Batman: The Long Halloween was both amazing and inspiring. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tim and his family. God bless you.”

Reaper Destroyer by Joe Sonntag

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Tim Sale has an official art account on Twitter, @ArtatSale, who addressed the situation as well, stating, “I will confirm that Tim is in the hospital. However, we request privacy in this time. Thank you, I’ll be retweeting your kind messages. Please know that Tim loves and appreciates you all.”

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Hundreds of well wishes and replies are being made across Twitter, and the staff at Bounding into Comics also offers our sincere prayers for his health and safety, and for the peace of mind of his family. We wish Sale a speedy recovery.

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