It seems clear by now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is building towards some iteration of the Young Avengers, and if they’re not, they should be. As the universe expands, tons of new young heroes have emerged that can make a formidable team. It might not be the Young Avengers from the comics, but if Marvel has all these live action characters lying around, they should definitely do something with them.

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It might seem difficult given how scattered they are across the MCU, but many critics of the first Avengers movie, when the MCU was still young, had the same criticism. How could a supernatural character like Thor exist in the universe with a sci-fi character like Iron Man? However, if the grown-ups can do it then so can the young ones. 

10) Kate Bishop

Source: Hawkeye, Disney+

In the comics, Kate Bishop was a staple of the Young Avengers, and with Hailee Steinfeld already a big name, it makes sense for Marvel to rally this new team around her. Ironically, her role on the team would be similar to what Clint Barton’s was on the regular Avengers – a guy with a bow and arrow surrounded by superpowered individuals. 

If Kate Bishop, who would most likely be the oldest member of the team, was surrounded by other beings with powers, then it would make sense for her to be the one to ground them and rally them together as team leader. Kate ran into trouble in the past for overestimating her abilities, so this internal character struggle could play out in interesting fashion.

9) Billy  & Tommy Maximoff

Source: WandaVision, Disney+

Another obvious choice are Wanda Maximoff’s children. Billy and Tommy play a huge role in the Young Avengers in the comics, but their MCU counterparts are a bit trickier to include. For one, their initial appearances were figments of Wanda’s imagination. Further, their subsequent appearances were as characters from another universe. 

With Wanda’s fate left up in the air at the end of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, it’s unclear whether or not two new versions of the characters will somehow make their way into the mainstream MCU. One thing is for certain, however – their powers on WandaVision prove they would be in excellent addition to the team.

8) Ms. Marvel

Source: Ms. Marvel, Disney+

It’s still early to see what kind of force Ms. Marvel can be in the MCU. Her show has only just begun, and she’s set to appear in The Marvels movie in the future, but it seems to make sense to include her in the team. The show so far has gotten a positive reception, at least depending on who you speak to.

 Plus, given the source of her powers within the MCU, she can be the team’s connection to the cosmic side of the universe, consisting of alien races like the Kree and Skrulls. That will be necessary if the team is to expand to other storylines, especially if Hulkling would eventually join the roster.

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7) Ironheart

Source: Ironheart, Marvel Comics

This is a complete shot in the dark, as not much is known about the Ironheart character as she relates to the MCU at this time. The show has definitely been confirmed, and if this version of the character is anything like the one in the comics, she will be young enough to join the team.

Also, given the combined expertise of other characters, Riri Williams could definitely fill in a missing role as the tech head. Most of these characters are magic-based, so having someone that tackles a problem from a scientific angle would add some alternative thinking skills to the team that could help them get out of some tight spots.

6) Kid Loki

Source: Loki, Disney+

Kid Loki would be a surprising addition to the team. He could serve as their magical liaison, as well as its connection to Asgard and the mythos surrounding it. Plus, Kid Loki can also bring along the baggage that comes with being a variant in the complicated world of the multiverse. 

Also, the trickster side of Loki can come into play nicely in the team dynamic. It would be very awkward and uncomfortable seeing him tease and annoy Kate Bishop, just for the fun of it. And plus, maybe Alligator Loki can come for a good measure.

5) Cloak & Dagger

Source: Cloak & Dagger, Freeform

This one might be a bit of a stretch, but they should be considered anyway. Cloak & Dagger had a short-lived series on Freeform that could possibly be considered MCU canon. The show offered a different spin on the characters, setting them up in New Orleans, and focusing on mature themes such as child abuse and sex trafficking.

Overall, the show had a brooding tone that doesn’t fit with much of the MCU, but the lead actors had an interesting chemistry that could be a nice addition to a Young Avengers team. Not to mention a teleporter is always a plus during a battle.

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4) Patriot

Source: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney+

Patriot’s inclusion in the MCU was so subtle than many may have missed it. In fact, he wasn’t even officially introduced. Eli Bradley is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the first Captain America that was featured in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

There was no indication on whether Eli would get powers, but since his character was such a strong part of the Young Avengers in the comics, it will be interesting to see if Marvel tries to somehow fit him into the team to fill that inspirational “Captain America” role.

3) America Chavez

Source: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Disney

She’s a relatively recent addition to the MCU, but America’s big role in Multiverse of Madness was telling. She had a very unique power which allowed her to traverse the multiverse, and that can serve the team well in a wide assortment of adventures. 

It’s hard to pin down exactly where her power set comes from. It might not be magic or space-based, but there’s certainly a way to tie it into a big storyline. Plus, her hard-headedness would clash nicely with the rest of the team as they try to form some sort of dynamic.

2) Runaways

Source: Runaways, Hulu

 Like Cloak and Dagger, the Runaways are a stretch. They too had a short lived series, except theirs was on Hulu. And since they had a crossover episode with Cloak and Dagger, its confirmed at least they are in the same universe, if not the MCU as a whole.

A single Runaway, or perhaps all of them could be included in a Young Avengers lineup, but again, that might be unlikely considering their relationship in the comics. The Young Avengers and Runaways are two separate teams that are sometimes opposed to one another, which means it might be cool to include the Runaways as cameos instead.

1) Spider-Man

Source: Spider-Man – Far From Home, Disney+

This might be the most controversial inclusion of all. Why would Spider-Man be on the Young Avengers when he’s a regular Avenger? It’s good to remember that Spidey is still a teenager, despite actor Tom Holland being in his twenties.

He’s also got himself quite the resume, which adds credibility when it comes to leading and inspiring a team of misfits. Could this be considered a downgrade for the wall-crawler? Possibly. But his teenage status lends a lot to the idea of a teenaged superhero team. Even a brief appearance could have potential.

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