The Ultimate universe began with a very clear mission to create a edgy and modern alternative to the backstory-heavy 616 mythos. That mission was a success in the beginning, but as the universe grew, their stories became just as convoluted.

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Marvel felt the universe needed to be phased out, but a lot of their characters still had potential, and were moved over to the 616. However, there were a lot of other great characters that were left behind, and worth taking a look at as Marvel Comics soldiers on. 

10) Hobgoblin

Source: Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel

Right from the start of the Ultimate universe, Marvel showed how it was going to be different from the 616 with the Green Goblin, but it wasn’t until fans got the Hobgoblin that they realized just how different it would be. The Hobgoblin was Harry Osborn, who had been abused by his father to become a brainwashed villain.

Given that 616 Norman Osborn is considered rehabilitated, it was an opportune time to introduce a version of his son that he manipulated into becoming a monster. This will be especially troubling, given Harry’s transformation into Kindred in the 616.

9) Mysterio

Source: Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel

The Ultimate version of Mysterio was a bit of a twist as he wasn’t quite what fans were expecting. He was just an Android being controlled by the 616 version of the character. It was an interesting spin that allowed for a crossover between the two universes.

Ultimate Quentin Beck was never actually introduced in the alternate universe, so it might be interesting to introduce him and bring him into the mainstream. There are tons of opportunities as far as what that kind of character he can be, and how it would fit in to the multi-dimensional aspect that already exists in the character.

8) Gwen Stacy/Carnage

Source: Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel

On her own, the Gwen Stacy clone that became Carnage would be a standard addition to the 616, but considering what’s happening at Marvel as a whole, it might be a good time to consider bringing her more into the spotlight.

Gwen Stacy is blowing up. She had a big appearance as Spider Gwen in Into the Spider-Verse, as well as a whole Gwen-verse that’s being introduced. Likewise, symbiotes are on a bit of a comeback trend, so after the fallout of the King in Black saga, it might be cool to introduce a whole new version of the characters that mashes up the two.

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7) Kraven The Hunter

Source: Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel

Kraven was an interesting character in the Ultimate universe. He went from a laughable reality TV show host to a mutagenic freak desperate for attention. It’s a far cry from the honorable warrior Kraven is in the 616, but it still makes for an interesting opportunity.

616 Kraven has had a bunch of ups and downs throughout his life. He killed himself after conquering Spider-Man, only to be brought back unwillingly by his family. He still seeks conquests from time to time, so having him come face to face with a fraud version of himself could make for a great story.

6) Hawk-Owl

Source: Ultimate Adventures, Marvel

Hawk-Owl was an extremely controversial hero when he first arrived in the Ultimate universe. He premiered in the series Ultimate Adventures, which many point out as a low point in the franchise. The character still remains an interesting commentary on Batman and his mythos.

Having him even momentarily enter the 616 could offer some interesting storytelling potential. Marvel certainly has its Batman archetypes, but none come as close to satirizing the Dark Knight as Hawk-Owl. A new story involving the character might serve as the perfect opportunity to salvage him the way he should be.

5) Captain Mahr Vehl

Source: Ultimate Secret, Marvel

Ultimate Captain Marvel was first introduced as part of the Galactus trilogy. He played an interesting role as a defector amidst the Kree-Skrull war. He even had a new and updated look that was far cooler than anything he had in the 616.

Captain Marvel has changed a lot in the 616 since then. This iteration of the character is long gone, replaced by the former Ms. Marvel. Given Marvel’s success with the MCU, it’s unlikely the old Captain Marvel will return to prominence, so it might be a perfect chance to give his Ultimate counterpart a shot.

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4) Venom

Source: Ultimate Spider-Man, Marvel

Ever since Ultimate Spider-Man premiered, fans were wondering how Venom would fit into the mix, and everyone was surprised by the result. Instead of an alien symbiote, Venom was supposed to be a cure for cancer that went horribly wrong. It was a new version that took away the cosmic origins aspect of the character.

Given how tied into being an alien Venom is in the 616, it might be cool to throw in this twist to that universe. Plus, given that Miles Morales and Venom have some pretty serious history, it would be interesting to see these two Ultimate universe characters have a rematch.

3) Sue Storm

Source: Ultimate Fantastic Four, Marvel

Sue Storm might be an interesting inclusion because of what Reed Richards has become. While Ultimate Fantastic Four was great as a title in the beginning, it began to lose its way until Reed took a turn for the dark side, and became the villainous Maker.

He still exists in the 616, so bringing back Sue Storm in order to challenge the hero he once was might make for interesting drama. Given all the things Maker has done, it will probably be impossible for him to have a redemption arc. Still, seeing this version of Sue get her revenge might be just what fans of the Ultimate universe need.

2) Tyrone Cash

Source: Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates, Marvel

There’s been a lot of secret history to the Hulk over the years. The Ultimate universe had its own too, in the form of Tyrone Cash. He worked with Bruce Banner to create the original Hulk serum. He even considered himself the original Hulk, and created a formula that gives a person the Hulk strength, while keeping the user’s personality intact.

Tyrone eventually died in the Ultimate universe, but that shouldn’t stop him for returning. He was an interesting character, since he was the nerdy scientist that eventually gave into all the hedonistic tendencies that being the Hulk allowed of him. Throwing him in the middle of the 616, especially being a Hulk of his own, is definitely going to rattle some cages.

1) Magician

Source: Ultimate X-Men, Marvel

Characters that made their original appearance in the Ultimate universe are interesting, especially those who are ultra powerful. Magician is a reality warping magic user who wanted to be a part of the X-Men, and manipulated reality to try and make it happen.

Magician’s storyline was never really resolved. He faked his death and then essentially vanished, but he’s long overdue for a comeback. Given that the Ultimate universe is no more, he should transition to the 616 where he can surely wreck some havoc.

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