It won’t have a fourth season anytime soon but there were places for Batwoman to go as there are always loose plot threads to tie up or characters that could grow closer. The show’s star Javicia Leslie, who took over for the controversial Ruby Rose in the final two seasons, would’ve liked to see the latter happen.

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In response to the show’s remaining fan base that “shipped” Leslie’s character Ryan Wilder, the new Batwoman, and Kate Kane’s former flame Sophie Moore played by Meagan Tandy as “Wildmoore,” Leslie said she wished that could develop.

“Obviously, the fans would love to see more Wildmoore, I think Meagan and I would also love to continue to play that love story,” she told in the wake of the show’s cancellation. Leslie also acknowledged the other characters that could get together.

Source: Batwoman, The CW 

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“We’d love to see Mary and Luke maybe spark something. I also would love to see what’s going to happen with Alice,” the actress said. “Alice going off into the abyss as a person that has regained herself and her identity and, honestly, her sanity – I think it’d be beautiful to see where she is, even if she ended up back to being the same old Alice.”

As she continued, Leslie praised the performance of Rachel Skarsten who brought Kate’s deranged sister Alice to the small screen for three seasons. “It’s such an interesting journey to have been able to experience. And the actress, Rachel Skarsten, has done such an amazing job playing every part of Alice and Beth,” Leslie added.

Conversely, Batwoman may be said and done but Leslie is happy with the Season 3 finale that proved to be the last episode overall. “What we were blessed with was the ability to create a beautiful finale that, whether we came back or not, is very satisfying for all of us,” she said.

Source: Batwoman, The CW

Before The CW’s ax came down in April, showrunner Caroline Dries explained to Entertainment Weekly what her potential hook for a Season 4 was. “I think it’s her relationship with the city of Gotham at this point,” she said.

“The end of season 2, it seemed like Ryan had everything she wanted, and that’s why it was so great I think for her to then be rushed with this idea of, well, there is this other family, if you want it, and her realizing, ‘I want both,’ and it being really hard,” she elaborated.

Dries then added the impression Ryan leaves on the city and becoming like a bigger family was important and “the challenge now for the writing staff and for me is, how do we pull the rug out from underneath all of that without destroying everything that everyone’s excited about?”

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Dries called figuring that out “a huge challenge’’ that “feels like starting over,” but she was prepared to drop “a gigantic external conflict bomb onto season 4 to shake it up.”

A different bomb was dropped after ratings for Batwoman and the entire Arrowverse fell to abysmal lows. DC now has a reduced presence on The CW with The Flash being the only official show left in their extended universe.

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Naomi and Legends of Tomorrow got canned along with Batwoman and Stargirl is standalone while Superman & Lois seems to be disowning its Arrowverse bonafides. That’s the least of the network’s worries, though, as CW’s value is diminishing to the point they could be sold for almost nothing.

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